tonghuan: Madden 20 Sim: Chiefs Eke Out Last-Second Win in Defensive Showdown with ’85 Bears

Madden 20 Sim: Chiefs Eke Out Last-Second Win in Defensive Showdown with ’85 Bears

20 Май 2020 в 04:49am

If I told you that the Chiefs did not play an offensive touchdown in the Super Bowl, but still raised the Lombardi trophy, would you believe it? Not all victories must have extraordinary ability, you can also try MUT Coins as an aid.

This is how we showed it in the latest "Crazy World" simulation game. It competes with the 1985 Chicago Bears for a championship known for its punitive defense. The organization consists of Hall of Famers Mike Singletary, Richard Dent, and Dan Hampton leadership. And, you may not know that the Bears ’strong defense has satisfied the Chiefs, limiting the cannon gunner ’s Patrick Mahomes to the second-lowest passing output in his three-year career.

Mahomes may one day attend Singletary, Dent and Hampton in Canton. They seem to panic abnormally, failing to find the end zone against Da Bears (a dozen bakers for me), but unexpectedly. A rare intercept on the deep bomb ended Travis Kelce. But as he often does, Mahomes retained the final best result by re-scoring at the end of the fourth quarter to ensure that there is no Super Bowl reshuffle for the Bears this year. The incumbent Super Bowl MVP fired bullets at Tyreek Hill, and before the two-minute warning, he rushed to the 18th yard on the second and twelfth holes. Harrison Butker pushed the Chiefs into a relaxed field shot range. Harrison Butker launched a 26-yard beauty with 37 beats, breaking the tie of 17 points. The Bears have a chance to fight back for a little more than half a minute, but after burning all the timeouts in the last game, Chicago can only play two games before the time runs out.

The Chiefs won by 20-17, largely because of their dominance in the special team. Stud rookie Mecole Hardman led Devin Hester inside the scoring six times, while Dorian O';Daniel played The fourth quarter also showed a lottery. Both games were expensive for the Bears. They only produced 209 yards (148 passes, 61 rushes) in their failed effort.

Chicago lived up to Walter Payton's outstanding performance, and Walter Payton rushed towards the Bears with 138 yards. In the 41st second of the first quarter, he scored with only 7 points. At that time, it seems that we may have a person who burns n, but obviously this is not the case, because the last 59 minutes and changes only produced 23 points. KC's ground race was in vain. Chicago only allowed 58 yards with 26 carry (2.23 yards per attempt) to rush to the main team's Damian Williams.

For the second The Sims, we saw a defensive player with passer Chris Jones win the Super Bowl MVP honors with two sacks, and thus get the highest income. In Madden games, MUT 21 Coins on the GameMS website is also a good way to earn income. You do n’t have to wait another week to watch our next Madden live broadcast, because the Patriots and Pirates will be eliminated in our broadcast at 8pm EST on Tuesday. Both WEEI's Jermaine Wiggins and Nick "Fitzy" Stevens will be invited to join, as virtual Tom Brady (Fox Brady) will return to the highly anticipated Gillette Stadium after leaving Foxboro as a free agent.


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