tonghuan: Madden NFL 20 Celebrity Tournament picks and players to watch

Madden NFL 20 Celebrity Tournament picks and players to watch

18 Май 2020 в 04:26am

The Madden NFL 20 Celebrity Championship will bring together athletes, celebrities and ESPN figures next week. The first round of competition starts on Monday and lasts for the entire week, starting at 12 pm. Daily ET on ESPN digital and social platforms. The final will be broadcast on ESPN2 on Sunday Eastern Time.

I would recommend D-O-Double-G for this. He is the best and most famous celebrity Madden player in the world today. From the beginning, he started playing video game series, MUT Coins also deeply attracted him, he really loves games. By the way, he also participated in the game in superstar KO mode.

"Flash" likes to tweet and bet. It is not uncommon to see him betting on the camera for push-ups or animal murmurs for those who lost the game. Gordon also likes to play his own games, just as Muhammad Ali played the round he would beat his opponent. All in all, Flash makes it fun, and this is what most people want from this game. If you see celebrities performing 20 push-ups on ESPN2, I would be fine because they only lost to Gordon or had to imitate dolphins. Give me all day! But don't be confused by the hustle and bustle, because Gordon loves this game, there must be crazy power here.

I hope that Derwin James will be able to participate in this tournament, because according to his performance in the EA Sports Madden tournament held earlier this month, he will have a great chance of winning, which is a good opportunity. We are not sure how traditional sports players perform in the field of esports, but we do know that Snoop Dogg plays a lot of Madden. He loves this game very much and has enjoyed it for many years. In this competition, he is definitely a favorite. It ’s not just him. Too many people like this game. If you want to participate, you can make yourself stronger with MUT 21 Coins, because you will gain many special skills.

I did some research on this game, trying to find out the Madden skills of each professional player. Drew Lock conducted a promotion through EA, that is, he played Madden. He is one of the younger players in the tournament and spends a lot of time on video games, which is enough to explain the popularity of video games.


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