smrtsmith: Overview gameplay SoulWorker

Overview gameplay SoulWorker

12 Июл 2018 в 05:15am

Soul Worker boasts both a graphic style inspired animated series and dynamic gameplay and frantic hack and slash (based cooperative missions). While the action is to be launched in Asia - in Korea and Japan - unveils its gameplay video Soul Worker Dzenai after having a few years of development.
So in the beginning it made me think about FF with all the character "blue" when there's marked the name of the action xD
Otherwise graphically it reminds me of some other game, S4 League and pretty anime (however it ' is claiming normal) but I like this style graphics and gameplay looks pretty, pretty nervous as well as the effects aren't bad
after there's seems to get a lot of skins Cheap Soul Worker Dzenai but so F2P skins will probably pay I suppose but hey, the games has to be reported
The very bad thing for me, I will not like games or maybe your class only has one type of sex available along with addition you will find "only" 3 class, being somebody who likes to do not to ever play female characters (yes yes) however the class with all the sword tempt me more compared to the Gunner but hey, they may can be changed that using a paid skin shop



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