Carl Smith: Top 5 Tips About Google Podcasts

Top 5 Tips About Google Podcasts

11 Июл 2018 в 09:46am

Google is launching a new and separated podcast app for Android. The app is simply named Google Podcasts. It will use Google’s advice and recommendation formula in an endeavor to connect people with shows they might feel happy based on their listening tendencies.

If you don’t know much about podcasts or whether you are new to podcasts or just thinking to try out the Google podcasts just for a spin to evaluate with any other append only to know the difference between it and its other apps. To make most of it, here we provide some tips for you.

1- Let’s Start here and End there

If you have more than one Google-powered device, (we are talking about not only Android mobile phones but also including Google Tablets and Google Home Speaker) you will be glad for it, because you can begin with a podcast on one device. And then, on another device, you can pick up where you had left off. There nothing extraordinary you will have to do about it because the podcasts app itself keeps tracking your listening activities automatically.

2- Change Playback Speed Accordingly

You have too many podcasts to listen but don’t have enough time to listen to them? But now the Google Podcasts app will allow you to manage and adjust the playback speed so that you could consume shows more expeditiously. And fortunately, the pitch of the sound doesn’t change, so voices still sound standard and normal.

There is a speed slider in the Podcasts App that you can see it while listening to any podcasts. This slider is to be used to set your favorite multiplayer.

3- Download Episodes Offline

Well, if you are preparing to go on a flight, then you will kindly have to download some podcasts first, so that you won’t miss out the incredible experience of listening to them offline, too. You will need to download them one by one by clicking any of your preferred episodes. Then the download sign will appear on your downloaded episodes in the Downloads section.

4- You can also Search from outside the App

Are you finding a specific podcast? You don’t need to do loading on Google Podcasts to run a search because it has got that features and capability, of course; just keep using Google like you generally would. If you think that there’s a similarity between the results you searched, then you can click on an episode, and you will directly come up at Podcasts. Here you can subscribe and do other apps unique things.

5- Apply a Different Podcast Manager

To be honest; although Google Podcasts may get better with time, right now it’s insufficient.

However, playlists are not supported in this app, and the app doesn’t provide global settings for most of the features, and also doesn’t have a night or car mode.

Here you have to go and get each episode manually.

You can see in the lines above (para-3), it is not able to download new episodes automatically, which are in your subscribed podcasts.

Hence, you will want an app which is armed with full-features, not incomplete.

Thank you for reading this blog. We hope that it will help you in many ways to explore more about Google podcasts.

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