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Personal loans with bad credit

23 Апр 2020 в 10:52am

Whenever we go to request money it is vital that we make a comparison between the different options we have. In this way we will get the most suitable product on each occasion. Among the advantages offered by having Particular Credit to request money we can highlight the following:

  • Quick money and with facilities. Perhaps one of the least attractive aspects of requesting money from a traditional entity is the long waits that we must deal with. Many times it can take even weeks to receive the requested capital once our loan has been approved. In the case of Private Credit, the concession is practically immediate. We will not only offer you an answer on whether your loan has been approved in just 10 minutes. If not, you will also have it in less than 72 hours once we have formalized the contract. The trick to achieve this agility of procedures is that we operate through the internet. What facilitates the contact and communication between client and lender.

  • Low documentation load. Another advantage of Crédito Particular is that the documentation necessary to formalize the loan is not very numerous. It can also be obtained from the comfort of home. In general, you will only need to present the following documents so that we can grant you money immediately.

    • Copy of the current account and your ID.

    • Simple Note from the Land Registry that you will use as a mortgage guarantee on the loan. You will be able to obtain this document through the Internet and you will have it in your email in less than 24 hours.

    • Home insurance in order.

    • Copy of the last IBI receipt.


  • Suitable for all types of clients. If you do not have an enviable financial situation, you will have realized that applying for credit is not an easy task. Many companies will deny you the loan since they do not consider that your credit history is safe. For example, if you are registered with Asnef or do not have a stable payroll, most likely, most will reject you as a customer. This will not happen to you with Particular Credit. As long as you have a home in property free of charges and subject to sale you can obtain financing. And also with unlimited amounts. It does not matter if you do not have a permanent job or are registered with Asnef. We can help you.

  • The capital limit is set by you. The normal thing when we apply for a loan is that, depending on our financial situation, the lender offers us a specific personal loans with bad credit amount of money and not more. It also depends on the product you request. For example, if we bet on fast mini-credits we will never get more than € 1,200. However, with private credit home equity loans the limit of money you will receive is set by the market value of your property. In other words, the higher this is, the higher your loan will be. To give you an idea, you can get from a minimum of € 6,000 to 25% of the market value of your property.


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