limei: Icons of yesteryear on FIFA Coins

Icons of yesteryear on FIFA Coins

19 Июн 2018 в 06:12am

Maradona, Henry and Yashin reunite as icons of yesteryear on FIFA Coins

El Pibe de Oro is one of the greatest players ever. In reality his plays, his dribbles along with his objectives are not frequent expression. Diego was one of some kind, capable of scoring if he decided, able to pull and put it in from each position was a deity that moved agility by terrorizing the opposing defenses.

Nicknamed the Black Spider for the dark uniform he wore, he also paralyzed the competitions who approached him and constituted an impenetrable defense. Lev was blessed with a charisma and a strong personality, characteristics that led him to innovate the figure of the goalkeeper. It was in fact the Buy FIFA 19 Coins first to direct the defensive line and also to function as a free adjunct, therefore extending its assortment of activity.

Thierry Henry couldn't miss in the list of icons previously on Fifa 18. The French player actually decides not to use the gift of mother his or her own body but with all the wisdom that distinguishes it develops a more precise technique and all its own. Equipped with a velvety and precise foot, he had to squeeze the opponent's goalkeeper with shots of complete precision that left his fans go mad. An absolute winner.FIFA 18 News: The Very Best Way to Reunite

From the old days there were not any technological tools, no intranets, no social networking websites, so buddies spent a great deal of time together with each other now. It was no more possible because of the textual substitution of this. However, FIFA 8 was able to repair it.


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