Rskingdom: What is the motivation for low Dofus Kamas lev gamers

What is the motivation for low Dofus Kamas lev gamers

20 Апр 2020 в 03:29am

What is the motivation for low Dofus Kamas lev gamers to attend koth xp/ do nothing there? Not for the time being, anyhow. There should be some sort of reward for attending koth ava fights. Some tokens that are new? Some pebbles that are new? Why not? I suppose you're some new participant, aren't you? You don't have any clue on the amount of people who used to play this game if they were servers, a few years back. AND YES, BACK THEN THE GAME HAD MORE GRINDING THAN IT HAS NOW. : - ) Also, maybe you'd like to see servers? To which veteran players go, and not in a small number, because it created Ankama allow all to play with. Xx edition of the game.

There are a whole lot of dungeons which are below lv100 which I'd consider early match. It's not Kardorim and gobball dungeon. Ankama does not need you to remain below lv20 forever, exactly the oposite, the quicker you advance to high degree (about 100 let's say) the greater because you get sufficient spells for every element which makes the game more varied, gives you enough utility spells which you may learn how to combine for successful combos. There are still it is diverse also.

Um. You play months to possibly acquire a particular dofus or do couple of quests and get it guaranteed? I do the second. Not to mention quests are a lot more fun than doing the struggle for 5 months. Quests are varied, include different type of fights, need a lot of thinking to do certain struggles you would never find again, quests bring intriguing lore to the dofus and people surrounding it (assess ebony lore as an example along with the 3 quests after you collect all of 6 Kamas Dofus Retro For Sale, I honestly believe this is one of the greatest lores I've seen on dofus). Exactly dofus quests can be these rewards at mid degree by way of example because everybody uses dofus. Quests HELP players because dofuses is inefficient.



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