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7 Апр 2020 в 03:25pm

Medicine is one of the safest areas to try and create a long-term business, seo group buy between the constant need and constant innovation. However, this popularity also drives a lot of competition, meaning it's essential for you to find a way for your content to stand apart. This can be a tall order for medical professionals who aren't used to creating written content, and there are a lot of content mistakes that either hurt SEO or fail to get traction with readers. We've talked to some of the experts about common pitfalls, and here's what they've shared.

YMYL is a term originated by Google, which is described in their official search quality guidelines. Any content in this category is considered more of a risk to rank, because if it isn't accurate, it could have a negative impact on finances or health. These topics are examples group buy seo.

Medical information
Financial information
Legal advice
Talk about the government, politics, or law
Any topics that relate to health / wellbeing
If this does apply to your content, make sure you are keeping to the highest standard and always working on your EAT (expertise, authoritativeness, trustworthiness)

Rahul Khosla
Lead Web Developer

One of the biggest mistakes I made regarding content marketing was missing the channel (and not communicating well with my customers). So we had a nice user base, and we thought creating content would generate loyalty within that user base and also expand and serve as an introduction to what we did as a business. So far, so good. The thing is we simply assumed that having a Podcast was the way to go, it was time efficient for us, fun and we just assumed that people would tune in. They didn't ahrefs group buy.

It wasn´t that the quality was bad or anything, we just missed the channel. A simple analysis (or just talking to our customers) could have saved us hours of work and frustration. Turns out they just wanted a newsletter, and all we had to do was ask them what they wanted.

Pedro Copelmayer

In order to reach a wider audience, we are trying to implement multiple channels that appeal to them at the same time, versus just building one. We just launched in the past few months so a lot of our time up to this point has been getting our ads setup, launching a Google my Business, connecting with dentists, however content marketing is a big part of our marketing plan moving forward.

We're going to be launching two Instagram accounts. One for customers to educate them about procedures, dental implants, all on 4 teeth in a day, etc. We're also going to launch another one with pictures of procedures which to some might be a little gory, but kind of in the same vein as Dr. Pimple Popper's Instagram profile where people come there almost for entertainment more than to be educated about dentistry semrush group buy.

Outside of that we're working on launching a Youtube Channel with Dr. Sam answering patient questions and common questions online people have about implants. I think in our space providing value and establishing ourselves as experts goes a long way.

John Frigo
Digital Marketing Lead


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