Carl Smith: How to Prevent Password Spoofing and Login Password Theft

How to Prevent Password Spoofing and Login Password Theft

2 Июн 2018 в 11:45am

The Password spoofing is continuously increasing day to day by the spoofers through online attacks. Password spoofing also known as login spoofing, it is one of the most common or ordinary practices which is generally used by the attackers to steal your password. The password Spoofing is an online attack where the attackers successfully misrepresent the login page of the websites and also persuade you to give your passwords innocently. These forged login pages seem like genuine and valid, and therefore users can unintentionally share their login credentials or login details. So, once you provide your login credentials or details on the given spoofed page, the attacker has got your information, and they might use it for harming you.

Sometimes, these spoofed web pages might show through some pop-up window or via email too. The spoofed web pages are very similar to the original or genuine web page which can deceive anybody. The traffic between your browser and the spoofed page are normally sent by the spoofers who helps in collecting your details like account numbers, CC numbers, contact number, and password.

Nowadays, Password Spoofing is very common and can be made by anyone who has power over the network’s configuration settings. By creating or making a spoofed page of any website by altering the DNS configurations, and redirect user and get your passwords. To protect your device from these password spoofing and login passwords stealing problem, install the antivirus software on your system

For the best protection of your system, we highly recommend you to install McAfee antivirus security software on your system. McAfee is the trusted brand name who serves high-quality antivirus with enhanced features. For downloading, installing and activating the McAfee antivirus on your system., you want any support or help from the team of McAfee so that you can dial the toll-free number of McAfee customer support. Or to know more, visit

Steps to Prevent Password Spoofing and Login Password Theft

It doesn’t matter how much strong password you have. Generally, the password spoofing might convince you in any way to share the credentials. So, here the steps we providing you to avoid the spoofing attacks or online stealing information and also help you in saving data from these spoofers.

  1. Always try to avoid using any random public WiFi connections, particularly the free internet connections available at railway stations and airports. You can only Connect to the networks in which you trust completely. Always keep in mind that the spoofers can set up an access point and which name is Free Wifi to attract you and they can also make plans such as spoofing attack or online attacks to steal your sensitive data.

  2. To recognize the spoofs is very much important for the users. If you are watchful, then the Email spoofs are a relatively very simplest way to recognize the spoofing. Any doubtful email which inquires you to provide your login credentials might be a spoof because any genuine website never asks your username and passwords through email. So, don’t reply to any of such distrustful emails. And always try not to share your passwords with anyone or any unauthorized third-party

  3. Immediately, facilitate the Enhanced Anti-spoofing feature on the system.

  4. Seize your browser for warnings. If the web browser is popping you a warning error or alerts you through notification about some invalid certificates of a scrupulous website, need not visit on that websites.

  5. When you are facing any difficulty in logging in, in that case, always use ‘forgot password option.

So, essentially remain careful is one of the best options for avoiding the spoofing attacks, but we have another simple and easy way by which user can stay safe and secure from spoofing attacks.

  1. To avoid using the same passwords for various accounts.

  2. Always try to create a strong

  3. You need to use best anti-virus software on your computer.

  4. Don’t click on suspicious links which are arriving in your email.

  5. Stay alert! Stay safe!

As we discussed before for the security of your system from password spoofing you need to install the antivirus. And we already suggest you the best antivirus security software. McAfee is one of the best security software. For downloading, installing and activating the software or need any help from the team of McAfee, dial the toll-free number of McAfee customer support or for more info visit

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