Carl Smith: Download the McAfee GetSusp If you Suspect Undetected Malware on the Windows PC

Download the McAfee GetSusp If you Suspect Undetected Malware on the Windows PC

31 Май 2018 в 12:28pm

At present, cyber crimes are increasing day by day around our PCs. We always live in this fear that cybercriminals will make attacks on our devices. There is no matter that which firm they will use to damage our computer system, maybe as a phishing email hack, a ransomware attack or something else. There is no point that which antivirus you are using on your device, we never get the 100% security about the safety of your computer system from all these online dangers. Then only a single option we can use to keep secure and regular check of your PC. This is McAfee GetSusp; it is a freeware tool which is introduced by Intel. It will help you to secure your computer system from online threats. It is McAfee software which will help you to detect suspicious activity from your Windows PC.

Know more about GetSusp tool: 

GetSusp is a simple and useful tool which comes as a single executable file. One more benefit with this tool that there is no need for any technical knowledge to use it. It is the perfect tool to suspect undetected malware from the users Windows computer.

In short, we can say that it has quick toolbar buttons to run PC scan, and you can select that as per your preferences. You do not need any installation to get this tool. You can easily store it any of your removable storage devices to get it on another computer system. Especially, it is a perfect and remarkable free application for the users who suspect some undetected malware which is the hiding somewhere in their computer systems.

The application is the best thing is this that we do not need to get more profound technical knowledge of computer systems to remove undetected malware. Is it doing a perfect work on McAfee Global Threat Intelligence (GTI) which is used the broad collection database of the company comprising almost every suspected malware.

Download the McAfee GetSusp:

  • You can download this tool and save the executable file on your computer desktop or hard disk. Then open the GetSusp.exe file. Once collected the main interface shows all.

  • If you are trying to run the quick and easy scan, then you can click on the “Scan Now” button.

  • Read the prompted license agreement carefully and then to proceed to next.

  • The scan runs will take 5 minutes and gives the summarized the scan report showing the suspicious files detected.

  • However, you can decide yourself about how to remove these files from your Windows PC.

  • To edit the preferences you can click on the Preferences button on the main overview.

  • You can change the proxy settings, and you will be able to change the file saving location.

  • Select, if you want McAfee to send you a message or mail to your registered email address for your submissions confirmation.

McAfee GetSusp is a useful and reasonable application that can scan the PC thoroughly for any suspicious files. It is the excellent job to keep your machine safe. So, immediately download the app, if you want to save your computer from online risks.

To get more information about GetSusp tool, visit on or If you want to ask anything regarding McAfee products, then you get all information from McAfee Customer Support.

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