Cadence: Madden 20 Easter Promo: all you should know

Madden 20 Easter Promo: all you should know

31 Мар 2020 в 05:30am

Ultimate Team's next promotion will include about 99 OVR cards to add to your team. With the advent of global lock-in live streaming, fresh online content like Madden 20's Ultimate Team is becoming increasingly important. Easter is coming, which means another MUT promotion is coming. Last year's Color Smash saw 42 cards. From 88 OVR to 99 OVR masters.

With Easter coming on April 12, EA Sports seems to be canceling its next promotion this Friday. It was April 3. Promotions usually arrive at 10:30 AM EST / 3.30 PM GMT, so get ready to participate! Last year, the name of the sale was Color Smash, and the boy was a big shot. The players were joined by 99 OVR players Melvin Gordon and JJ Watt, along with 97 OVR players and other lower cards to fill their theme team. You have better options than promotions. Buy Madden Coins at GameMS will help your game even more.

We expect Color Smash to shine this year. Last year, it was divided into offensive and defensive parts, so I hope to apply the same model here. This is not the same as a "joint or free agent" promotion, which has a limited number of players to choose from. This year, EA can choose any current MUT player as their master. Although Melvin Gordon's features are unlikely, the highest JJ Watka currently has only 95 OVR, which means we can easily see the defensive end features of the Texans again. Other players who need to upgrade include Julio Jones, Travis Kelce and Bobby Wagner. Any of them will be a coveted card.

As long as they are still on sale, they will work like Christmas gifts from a few months ago. I saw four layers of eggs at Easter last year, and each layer turned into a packet. The highest grade eggs are expensive to buy, so if you want to draw a big card out of it, make sure to get as much training as possible. I hope they are still available, because it is always nice to open something!

As always, we can expect this week's news to detail the results of this promotion. GameMS will report the latest news for you, and you can also Buy Madden Coins in our store, which is cheaper and more affordable than the promotion.



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