peddlerlawrance: Buy now pay later furniture for bad credit

Buy now pay later furniture for bad credit

28 Мар 2020 в 09:06am

The banking establishments give the illusion that when you make a simulation or request for credit, your file is analyzed beforehand in a rigorous, meticulous and responsible manner. In fact, your file is not analyzed according to your ability to repay, but rather to your frequency of payment. The same is true for credit limit increases. If you have the impression of getting a favor and being considered a good client, this is not the case since it is sometimes a question of avoiding foreclosure by having you sign a new endorsement. For a credit issuer, a person who always pays the minimum payment required is a good payer and will have to increase their credit limit.

Advertising campaigns give the illusion that with consumer credit everything is easy, that it is possible to buy anything, anytime, without taking into account your real needs and especially your ability to payment. Credit institutions can i get funiture with bad credit present themselves as allies who are there to serve you and give the illusion that you are more than customers.

Fortunately, the law on consumer protection of July 1, 2010 entered into force on May 1, 2011, and imposes new specific rules for these consumer credit contracts. Depending on the method of financing your purchase, recourse may be possible against the lending institution. According to your contractual documents, a lawyer will be able to help you determine more precisely your rights and obligations and will give you all the advice necessary for your defense.

Correctly informing the consumer: the consumer credit advertising documents must include mandatory information: The borrowing rate and the fixed, variable or revisable nature of the rate; the costs included in the total cost of the credit for the borrower; the total amount of the credit; The overall effective annual rate; the duration of the credit agreement; The total amount owed by the borrower and the amount of the installments

Prior to the conclusion of the credit agreement, the lender must give the borrower, in writing or on another durable medium, the information necessary for the comparison of different offers and allowing the borrower, taking into account his preferences, to '' clearly understand the extent of its commitment. A decree of the Council of State fixes the list and the content of the information to appear in the information sheet to be provided for each credit offer as well as the conditions of its presentation. This information sheet includes, in legible characters, the mention referred to in the last paragraph of article L. 311-5 of the consumer code.



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