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stretch film making machine

26 Мар 2020 в 08:17am

While a stretch film making machine is still made up of an engine and a power source, it is now the world's first digital fabrication technology. It was developed by an American engineer named Todd in 1999. It's a novel idea that uses ultra-fast digital video processing to produce laser light sensitive, high definition images, which are then copied using stretchable polymer. This technique would enable photographers to focus on developing their subject, instead of just focussing on the area of their camera lens.


A printer development of such a capability has been available for some time. But as far as we know, the new technique is a much better, faster and less expensive alternative. While most machines of this kind still use black and white film as the sensor, or glass as the laminate for the back layer, the new technique is able to change the film in real time to suit a user's requirements.


According to the manufacturer, a stretch film making machine would allow an automatic image processing system to scan, apply and mix different formats to its finished product, such as JPEG, AVI, WMV, ACDS, MOV, MPEG and FLV among others. The scanner is also capable of scanning, design and copy texture, colour, brightness and depth within seconds. This is due to the newly developed computer software that would improve the image quality of the final image. Once the film has been scanned, the owner could access it easily through its LCD display, which displays the resolution, density and other digital properties. All these image enhancements can be applied on the moving projector, so that its projection is completely clear.


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