Carl Smith: McAfee Upgrades Cloud Security To Support Containers

McAfee Upgrades Cloud Security To Support Containers

21 Май 2018 в 11:37am

McAfee, a leading cybersecurity company, announced that it is speeding up its advancement in the cloud with its most recent launch of CWS v5.1 which is one of the key strengths of its Cloud Security Solution Portfolio. The Cloud workload Security v5.1 embodies the first and foremost solution for open source containers. McAfee’s CWS v5.1 secures the Docker workload along with the servers in public as well as private cloud environments. It does so by putting infected containers and workloads in quarantine in a single click.

The Cloud Workload Security of McAfee allows organizations to secure and safeguard cloud workloads and containers over VMWare, Azure, AWS, and their respective private clouds. It also addresses vital security along with acquiescence and governance prerequisites so that they can expedite their business in the cloud. CWS v5.2 will be released in the second quarter of the fiscal year 2018-19.

Extended Capabilities

As per the director of product marketing at McAfee Corp, Dave Bull, the CWS by McAfee is designed in such a way that it helps server security admins on point for public and private cloud data center settings.

He added that the company has been providing robust technology for server protection since a long time, especially for virtual settings, although as organizations alter their environments to go for cloud platforms such as Azure and AWS the McAfee customers aspired for solutions tailor-made to meet the particular needs of the public cloud.

He further said that the idea of McAfee was to on-premises as well as cloud workload security solutions by merging them within just one management console. CWS was developed to do this. The Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS has grown tremendously with as much as 65 percent of companies adopting a cloud-first initiative.

The threat of data theft and loss is not restricted to a cloud setting, although how one protects against that kind of data loss when all or some of their sensitive data is in the cloud needs a distinct approach, Bull said.

Expanding Market

The report by McAfee reveals that the use of containers has increased like greased lightning in the past few years. In the Navigating a Cloud sky report, eighty percent of the people who were surveyed said that they were either experimenting with the containers or using them. In spite of this tremendous growth, just 66% of the surveyed respondents had a strategy for applying security to containers. The SCO at Threat stack, Sam Bisbee said that introducing support for containers is just a table stake for any cloud security vendor at this moment. The vendors offering traditional on-premises security have more challenges to face in order to meet the requirements of multi-cloud, hybrid, and cloud-native organizations in equivalence to cloud-native security contributions.

A whopping 90 percent of the respondents who took a recent Threat Stack survey said that they would be going for containers within the following year. Bisbee said that as the containers continue to flourish, so will the compliance and data security issues which surround them.

McAfee keeps updating and upgrading its features and tools to keep up with the increasing threats. The purchased McAfee product can be activated on the website or

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