Paul Fury: Find Out How to Troubleshoot McAfee Error Code 3299?

Find Out How to Troubleshoot McAfee Error Code 3299?

21 Май 2018 в 09:47am

Different types of companies are providing various antivirus security programs at present. But if we talk about a perfect security service, then only one name comes to mind. It is McAfee antivirus security program. It is the most widely used and useful internet antivirus security software which protects users’ devices from different types of online threats and malware.

There is no doubt regarding McAfee antivirus program but sometimes you can face some common issue with this service. Amongst all of the common errors associated with McAfee, today we are discussing McAfee error 3299. It is a common error of McAfee product, so you no need to worry about fixing it. In this post, we will explain the symptoms, reasons, and steps to solve the error easily. Kindly read the entire article carefully to know how to fix this error.

Symptoms of McAfee error code 3299:

  • This error will always crash an active windows program.

  • An error message will show on your computer screen.

  • Your access windows will respond slowly.

  • Your input device such as- keyboard and mouse will give the command in slow mode.

  • Your computer system will face this error continuously.

Reasons for McAfee error code 3299:

  • Corrupt and incomplete downloading or installing of McAfee products.

  • Incorrect shutting down of windows.

  • Corrupt and wrong window registry which is linked with McAfee error 3299.

  • Malware and virus attack on your computer system and McAfee program.

  • Accidently deleted another McAfee related antivirus program. 

Know How to Fix McAfee Error Code 3299 without wasting time and efforts:

  • Check all of the windows registry entries that are linked with McAfee error 3299.

  • Scan your computer for virus, malware and other online threats.

  • Remove all of the junk and unwanted files from the computer system.

  • Undo recent system changes by using windows system restore.

  • Uninstall and then reinstall McAfee product that is associated with McAfee error 3299.

  • Run windows system file checker.

  • Install all the given windows update.

  • Perform a clean installation of windows.

  • Restart your computer system and check whether the error has resolved or not.

Now, you have completed all of the steps for fixing McAfee error 3299. But still, if you get any other issue on your McAfee program, in that situation, do not get worried and get in touch with McAfee Customer Support by calling on their toll-free number. McAfee technician will help you to fix your McAfee related issues or queries. McAfee experts have a long work experience with respect to the McAfee products. McAfee specialists will guide you and provide instant support. The technician is accessible 24*7 to provide support to users of McAfee. Certified experts are always prepared to assist you. If you come across any specific issue regarding McAfee software, call on McAfee provided customer toll number. If you have recently purchased a McAfee product key then for activation visit

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