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Pokémon “Sword and Shield”: How to Beat Every Gym Leader

3 Мар 2020 в 01:19pm

“Pokémon Sword and Shield” is among the most popular Nintendo Switches that provides various interesting facets of playing the game. There are a total of eight Gym leaders to whom you have to take down to become the champion of the “Galar” region.

In this game, you have to fight with every Gym leader until you reach “Leon,” the last opponent. You have to achieve at least eight badges for becoming the champion. Same numbers of badges required to get into the tournament of Pokémon. The number of badges will finalize and make the route for getting more powerful Pokémon. In this guide, you will see the weakness and strength of every leader and how to tackle each gym leader:

The Turffield’s Gym Leader, “Milo”

Milo holds grass-type Pokémon and is the first gym leader in Pokémon Sword and Shield. His Grass Pokémon is strong as it is powerful in-ground and water, but the main weakness is “Flying-type,” and “Fire-type.” On the other hand, one who chooses “Scorbunny” as their fighting Pokémon, shouldn’t get in trouble as “Scorbunny” evolves into “Reboot” up to level 20, that has fire type specialties also. 

Apart fro “Scorbunny,” players choose another various alternative like “Vulpix,” that is strong enough in compared with “Scorbunny.” It evolves into “Ninetales” on “Wild Area” or “Route 3.”One can also choose “Rookie,” a flying type Pokémon that evolves into “Corviknight,” inside the “Wild” Area.

You will get “Magical Leaf,” by receiving “Grass Badge,” “Uniform,” and “TM10.”

 The Second Gym Leader: “Nessa”

It’s the second Gym leader of “Sword and shield,” that uses Water Pokémon, and the players used to play with Grass-type against “Nessa,” as they found that grass Pokémons work better on Water-type. Some players used to play with “Drednaw,” as their opponent against Nessa, that can clean out its opponent teams. It also holds the capabilities to attack both over rock and grass.

Players use various electric and grass type fighters like Grubblin, which can evolve into the strong electric type and Bug Pokémon. Many uses “Yammer,” the puppy type “Pokémon,” that evolves into very powerful “Boltund.” Whereas some players use “grass type” Pokémons such as “Seedot” that develop into powerful “Shiftry.”

Various fight loving players use more powerful Pokémons that can perform “Aqua Jet” tackles with greater speed and momentum. 

When you defeat “Nessa,” then you will get the water or aqua badge.

Defeating Kabu, Motostoke’s Gym Leader

It is the third most gym leader that players have to defeat in the challenge. This gym leader uses Fire Pokémon, and it found vulnerable, and this kind of Pokémon has many weaknesses, such as “rock,” “Ground,” and “Water.”

Players also grab the ground type Pokémon, “Drilbur,” that develops as among the powerful Pokémon in “Excadrill.” Some use “Rolycoly,” and “Lotad,” especially a rock type Pokémon that can develop into Fire and Rock-type opponents for the leader’s Pokémon.

Stow -on -Side Gym’s Leader “Bea” in “Pokémon Sword and Shield”

“Bea” is the first “Sword” ‘s Exclusive leader and is specialized in the fighting. Fighting-type Pokémon uses strong punches and knows various powerful attacks. These Pokémons seems very weak in various formats like flying and swimming. The Pokémons of Bea, don’t fight with Ghost like Pokémon. Many Bea’s Pokémon knows dark type attacks, that seems powerful for “Ghost,” and “Psychic” type opponents or Pokémon.

If the player wants to fight with flying type Pokémon, then “Rufflet,” “Corviknight,” and “Gardevoir” are among the most flying type Pokémons in the Galar area.

Leader of “Stow-on- Side “Allister”

This gym leader uses ghost Pokémon, and Pokémon faces various difficulties in tackling dark type as they can’t identify them in the dark. They are also weak for several ghost Pokémon. It is advised to fight with few dark Pokémons that fights strongly against “Nessa,” and other dark Pokémons. These include “Shiftry” and “Thieves,” who fight strongly against grass and dark type Pokémon.


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