Ricky johnson: Role of MS Office in Our Daily Job Routine

Role of MS Office in Our Daily Job Routine

18 Апр 2018 в 10:42am

Technology has had a ground-breaking effect on our day to day lives. Since the advent of the digital world, we no longer can imagine a life devoid of the helpful tools that make our life easier. The MS Office is one such medium that has radically and significantly impacted the way we live. Whether it is typing out applications and letters in MS Word or computing large numbers over Excel sheets, we use MS Office in almost every aspect of our daily job routine. The meeting rooms have transformed into a powerhouse of ideas projected forward using MS PowerPoint, while processing raw data and converting it into visual or graphic representation through spreadsheets make work not only easier but also efficient.

 Furthermore, the possibility of involving any human errors is drastically reduced, making the output more accurate and reliable. Our jobs have become easier and our capacity of working has expanded. Each and every person who is touched by the marvels of technology has made use of MS Office services at least once in their lives. However, if you are still wondering about the role of MS Office in our daily routine job, then read on to know all about it!

List of common programs of MS Office used in offices on a day-to-day basis-

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word is the most leading word processing program which has been designed specifically for performing various word processing tasks. Tasks like typing, editing, and printing text can be done on Word. Moreover, Microsoft word offers tools for simple graphics designing, grammar checker, spell checker, formatting tools, etc. Microsoft Word makes paperwork a lot easier, convenient and time-saving. In offices, People use Word to write reports, business proposals, notices, research papers, circulars, etc.

Microsoft Excel
Excel is a spreadsheet program of Microsoft. It was developed in 1985 and it helps businesses in compiling all of their data. Almost every office uses it to create graphs and pivot tables. Excel saved time and effort required in lengthy calculations as it offers a number of formulas which make arithmetic calculations easy. Excel also converts data into different types of charts which you can copy to your presentation software.

Microsoft PowerPoint
Working professionals need to give presentations and demonstrate charts, graphics, tables, etc. With the help of PowerPoint, you can make professional looking slides which help in conveying your message in a more efficient manner. There are a number of built-in background themes to choose from in PowerPoint. Sales employees make frequent use of PowerPoint while pitching to potential clients. The PowerPoint application enables the user to import multi-media files and beautifying the presentation.

Microsoft Access
Microsoft Access is an application of Microsoft which helps businessmen and professionals in creating databases. It helps the users in analyzing sizeable amounts of data, and it helps in managing related data. The advantage the Access has over Excel is that Access is a relational database. Also, it is widely used in offices because of its multi-user support. Around ten users in a network are allowed to use the Access app.

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