smithlucky: Him being able to do that is just very, very rare

Him being able to do that is just very, very rare

18 Апр 2018 в 05:55am

UW special teams coach Bob Gregory, on Vea's punt-return tackle in the 2017 Fiesta Bowl vs. Penn State: "We punted the ball and the returner kind of broke it to our right. We missed a couple tackles and Vita made a textbook sideline tackle. Open Bradley McDougald Youth jersey field. Pretty remarkable for a guy that big. ... First of all, he protects. That's the first thing he's got to do. Then the ball's punted. So they're kind of like that second line after the ball's punted. But he's busting his fanny down the field. Their returner, he made a couple guys miss.Men'sLimitedLaRoyReynoldsRedJersey:RushVaporUntouchable#53NFLAtlantaFalconsNikeTalk about leverage and owning your leverage and your position, he did exactly all the drill stuff that we work on. It was a great shoulder tackle, bent knees, and he used the sideline to his advantage, pinned him to the sideline and made the tackle. ... Just his athletic ability, him being able to do that is just very, very rare."'Unbelievable powerVita put up 41 bench-press reps at the combine. That was the second most among all players behind the 42 of Stanford's Harrison Phillips. It was confirmation of the strength that was obvious in his play. YouthKennyWigginsLimitedOlive/CamoNikeJersey:NFLLosAngelesChargers#792017SalutetoServiceGregory, on Vea blocking a punt during a 2017 win against Colorado: "He had one of the most remarkable special teams plays I've ever seen. We were in what's called a safe punt return. We keep the defense on the field. It was against Colorado. He just blew through the A-gap and on their shield, three big offensive linemen. He went right through it and stuck his hand out and blocked the punt. Maybe the play of the game. It was a remarkable play. ... He just went and outmanned them. First of all, it was unbelievable power getting there, and then he was able to really elongate his body and get a hand on the ball." Malloe, on a play Vea made during one Huskies game: "He was a zero technique and he did a bull-rush through the center. I won't say the team, but both guards ended up helping the center, so there's three guys that are blocking one guy and he actually gets to the quarterback without any resistance. I thought that was really, really impressive." Vea's injured hamstring ended his combine early, preventing him from taking part in such drills as the vertical and broad jump (he also sat out UW's pro day the Timofey Mozgov Womens Jersey following week). From the sound of it, though, he doesn't lack for hops. Vea played basketball as a freshman in high school and could dunk as a 250-pound sophomore. Malloe, on the freakiest feat of athleticism he witnessed from Vea: "Those box jumps that you see people do on YouTube, he can do them, like the highest box. That's what blew me away. He's jumping on boxes that our defensive backs are jumping on, and he shouldn't be doing it. He should be doing pretty much the lower-level ones, the ones that I can barely get on, those types of boxes. His explosiveness and just his ability to jump as high as he does and land soft on his feet, to Devin McCourty Womens Jersey me that was probably the most impressive thing that I've seen somebody his size do." 'He's still got a huge upside Pete Kwiatkowski, UW's co-defensive coordinator: "For how long and how heavy he is, for him to be able to run like he does, you just don't see that very often. Everybody talks about the athletic ability, and one of the things with him, he's still got a huge upside from the standpoint of understanding that he can play lower, he can play with better leverage, he can play with better technique. So you pair that with the physical gifts, and then the ability to keep growing as a football player, the sky's the limit for the guy." There's a story Cookie Edmunds likes to tell about her youngest son's first taste of football. She was watching Tremaine Edmunds toddle around along the sideline of a Pee-Wee game that featured his two older brothers. He loved the action, and  after watching a few plays, he found his mother and offered a proclamation. "I can't wait to play football," he told her, "so I can knock somebody's head off." That proved to be a pretty accurate prediction for how Tremaine Edmunds' football career would unfold, from stardom in high school to a career at Virginia Tech that saw him emerge as one of the most fearsome defenders in the country. Now, some 15 years after telling his mother of his plans for the future, Edmunds is about to reach the pinnacle -- a likely first-round draft pick and potentially the first linebacker off the board, according to ESPN's Mel Kiper Jr."It just shows you how long I've been working and how long I've been wanting this," Edmunds said. "Now, getting to this stage, it means so much  to me." Of course, the anecdote also captures the other part of what has defined Edmunds' career. His older brothers, Trey and Terrell, were the ones on the Ryan Strome Womens Jersey field that day. Years later, the three would be on the field together at Virginia Tech. The past two years, Terrell and Tremaine have been the anchors of the Hokies' defense together. (Terrell is a year older, but each had a year of eligibility remaining.) And now, with Terrell projected as a midround selection, the odds are all three will be on an NFL roster when the new season begins this fall.Even in a football-obsessed household, that seems a bit surreal, Tremaine said. It's really crazy," he said. "We've  all dreamed of it, and now here we are. We're blessed and thankful for the opportunity, but we're going to compete. That's for sure." Trey played running back for the Hokies and Maryland, and while he wasn't drafted out of college, he caught on with the Saints last season and played in all 16 games. wholesale jerseys from china cheap jerseyscheap nfl jerseys cheap nfl jerseys cheap nfl jerseys wholesale nfl jerseys cheap nfl jerseys cheap jerseys


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