Paul Fury: How to Uninstall McAfee from Your Computer

How to Uninstall McAfee from Your Computer

17 Апр 2018 в 01:15pm

McAfee antivirus security products provide an advanced security and threat intelligence services. Due to increasing the spyware, malware or other cyber infection the McAfee offers full protection safeguards. But still, sometimes it happens the users want to uninstall the McAfee product on their computer because of some reasons. So at that time the given manually steps will provide you a help to uninstalling the McAfee products from your computer. Somehow, if you are trying to remove the McAfee software in that case, these provided steps will get you and quick service.

Easy to Use Process to Uninstall McAfee From Your PC:

For the consumer convenience, here are some easy steps to remove the McAfee program from the user device. Just need to follow the full process to get a complete installation of McAfee product.

  • Open the Setting menu by clicking on the start button at the bottom of your window screen.

  • Now, search the App menu, search the “McAfee” to find the McAfee related everything on your system.

  • Now, select your available McAfee post icon, which one you want to uninstall.

  • Now, click on the showing Uninstall button

  • You will get the confirmation message for the McAfee product, click on yes.

  • You will see the McAfee product will uninstalling from your system.

  • Wait, until the process is finishing, restart your computer.

  • Now check, the product has removed or not.

  • If you get it again on your computer then, you need to follow the next process to get a complete uninstallation of McAfee product.

Download the McAfee Consumer Removal Tool (MCPR)

If the windows menu doesn’t give a good response then you need to download the MCPR tool to get a permanent removal for the McAfee program. It is a program removal tool, so for the instant or easy removal from the McAfee product, need to download it.

  • Download the MCPR tool from the McAfee official website.

  • Note- You have to make sure the downloaded the updated version of McAfee consumer removal tool.

  • Start your tool, it does not require any installation.

  • Accept the license agreement and fill the CAPTCHA code as requested, click “Next”.

  • Wait for the uninstall process has done.

  • After completing all process, if you would like further information about the process, click “View Logs.”

  • Now, reboot your system, and check everything important is saved, and then restart as you normally would.

After completing both processes.of you have any other query related McAfee program, then you can ask you all issue with the McAfee certified technicians.

McAfee Technical Customer Support:

McAfee is the best example of install or forgets kind of program. But it happens, the user finds some trouble with the McAfee service. In that case, users can take assistance from the McAfee experts to an instant service. When you have dial the McAfee toll free number, the technician will pick your call and ask for the issue, tell him/her your McAfee related issue. They will give you a best response or solution to your issue. If you want, you can connect with them on a live chat also. To know more about the McAfee service or product, you can visit on McAfee official website. You will get all the updates related McAfee software.

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