davidmax: How sex dolls will develop in the future

How sex dolls will develop in the future

18 Фев 2020 в 06:40am

The society is constantly developing and progressing, and a variety of new types of objects have continuously attracted everyone's attention. In recent years, sex dolls have gradually entered people's perspective. Today, Xiaobian came to popularize the interesting history of sex dolls.

    As we all know, there were no sex dolls at first, but there were inflatable dolls. Sex dolls were continuously innovated and developed from inflatable dolls. The earliest inflatable dolls appeared in the late 1930s. The inventors were Germany and Japan. Initially used mainly for military purposes. During World War II, in order to prevent German soldiers from rejoicing with women of "non-Aryan descent" occupying the 5th district, and to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases in the Nazi army, Hitler specially instructed the SS commander Himmler to secretly develop a Inflatable dolls with similar female physiological structures are anxious for the German army. This is the reason why inflatable dolls came to this world. Are they similar to the uses of sex dolls now?

    Hitler paid particular attention to this matter, so much so that it made very specific requirements for this inflatable doll, "She must have all the sexy appearance of a wonderful girl." After hearing this, everyone should know why the sex dolls are so beautiful now, especially shy and beautiful, haha.

    However, unfortunately, this plan was not successfully implemented at that time. The Allied forces bombed Dresden. At that time, the processing factory for inflatable dolls was there, so it is a pity that the inflatable doll was taken off a long time after the date of birth. , Oh oh. Later, during the Vietnam War, the United States copied this plan, providing a large number of inflatable dolls for frontline soldiers (not good, German soldiers have long wanted to use them, hum), and received praise from soldiers. Due to the low cost of this inflatable doll, the price is one point, so the product effect can not be satisfactory, and there are edges and corners in some parts of the body and face, the hand feels strange, and the joints will bend. Severe deformation occurred.

    But this is not difficult for our intelligent humans. The market is huge. There are many people who want to make money. When there is desire, there is motivation. By the 21st century, simulation dolls, which we call sex dolls, not only feel like skin, but also The limbs are flexible, and they can pose a variety of charming postures, and have a firm structure and good durability. Baby friends don't have to worry anymore. Now the sex dolls have basically achieved their ideals. The texture of the products is not only close to the skin of real people, but also the touch can be almost fake.

    Imagine the future. The development of the sex doll industry is untenable. In the future, sex dolls can change their expressions and have reactions. At that time, smart sex dolls should be more appropriate. Technology is developing rapidly, and I firmly believe that future sex dolls will enter millions of households and become essential companion products for every household.


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