Ricky johnson: Top 3 Reasons Why Microsoft Office is better than Open Office?

Top 3 Reasons Why Microsoft Office is better than Open Office?

11 Апр 2018 в 10:03am

Microsoft Office continues the productivity software in the marketplace. However, open-source options such as Apache OpenOffice – many of the users feel that the software are as good or better than Microsoft Office? The answer is Yes, Microsoft Office has an appropriate position in the market when it comes to professional tools for businesses or corporate world. However, a battle is continuously growing against Microsoft products and other paid software because there are multiples of open source alternatives that are equally good.

One such alternative is available in the market these days and, i.e., the OpenOffice.org products. This OpenOffice is considered to be one of the best alternatives to Microsoft Word. Companies looking to adopt more open sources tools and that reduces the operating costs of the software.

Both open-source software offer tools with the same names — Writer (word processing), Calc (spreadsheets), and Impress (slide presentations) — to compete with the  Microsoft’s Office equivalent products — Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

To solve the doubt of the users, we are here to providing you the best software for the users. We are discussing the Microsoft Office and OpenOffice and try to answer the question that which office is best for users. Below some points are given to give you the information read the following points carefully.

List of Top 3 Reasons to Compare Microsoft Office with Open Office:
The three points that describe you what is better for users-

The speed of the software with which common tasks can be performed.
The interface.
When you get stuck then the quality of the help files and assistance.
Detail Procedure to compare the Microsoft Office with Open Office

The speed of the software with which common tasks can be performed-
Microsoft Office-   

This is a great example of the Microsoft Office where the ribbon interface shines.
And Creating a table in the Microsoft Office is a simple and as the user was clicking on the Insert button, then again selecting the Table button.
After the aforementioned procedure, a neat grid pops up appearing on the screen to draw out the number of rows and columns that you want in your table to start off with.
Immediately after the ribbon switches to the selection of styles available to format your table, with the table updating with a live preview as you hover the mouse over each style.
Open office-

The speed with which this type of task was performed in Microsoft Office only to highlights the clunkiness of the dated interface used by the Open Office.
Creating a table means navigating through a tedious interface where you have to set the number for each of the rows and columns.
Formatting the table is equally tedious to the another.
In Open Office, no live preview is available to let you quickly see how your table data is going to look. The selection of these styles is much smaller than with Microsoft Office.
And there are fewer attractive modern styles are available by Open Office.

Microsoft office-

Microsoft Office introduced the innovative interface to replace this previous squinting at the rows of button interface.
This type of interface is a massive improvement to the best use for the users.
Some Buttons and menus are more visible than earlier, particularly this common functions which might be emphasized with larger buttons than the less common functions of the Microsoft office.
The interface dynamically expands and contracts, only if the application window is resized.
 Open Office-

And to compare with the OpenOffice interface it is bland in the market, seemingly stuck in the “rows of buttons” and style.
The high-resolution users run on large screens and it makes them finding the correct button is a challenging exercise for the users.
Some of the common functions are not presented more prominently than the very less common functions are presented.

When you get stuck then the quality of the help files and assistance.
From time to time users will get stuck on something new, or sometimes just forget that how something is done or to be done. And a good help file is essential for those who need it quickly, and the answer is that help them to get the job done.

Microsoft Office-

Microsoft Office provides you a rich, and an online-integrated help system that searches both the local help information as well as the Microsoft Office Online website to find the best answers and instructions the users are looking for.
The help files don’t come in the form of text instructions.
There are some more images and even video demos to show you exactly how things are done on the official websites of Microsoft Office.
Open Office-

The Open Office software comes with a basic, text-based help system features.
The users can search it quickly in the Open Office
The results of this software are very limited when compared to the richness of the Microsoft Office help system.
There are no images or video demos, and no integration with up to date online help data on the website of Open Office.
This information undoubtedly helps you regarding the question that which is the best software?, and if you want any other information regarding the Microsoft Office and Open Office, then you have the best option to connect with their official websites. They can assist you 24*7.

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