urdolls: Use Of A Sex Sex Doll Instead Will Reduce Human Trafficking

Use Of A Sex Sex Doll Instead Will Reduce Human Trafficking

17 Фев 2020 в 10:44am

Sex dolls promise to reduce prostitution

We have seen our customers there and our services have been well received. The use of Pregnant sex doll instead of escorts will reduce human trafficking and hopefully reduce prostitution and sexually transmitted diseases. Is it legal or illegal. It turns out that there is such a need-an online survey found that men who are replacing or getting rid of broken or "used" dolls want a formal farewell because they consider it a personal loss. They have high-quality wigs, soft skin and joints, which means they can be placed anywhere.


But keeping male sex dolls at their best doesn't just mean cleaning. All customers are required to use condoms when renting sex dolls. To be on the safe side, there is a clause in his contract with customers that they will bear the cost of excessive wear and tear. Although many respect the rent rules, in some cases, dolls are severely damaged and unusable.

Behind the scenes is a cleaning process at a sex doll rental company in Calgary, Canada. These pictures show the sex doll service, where customers rent silicone companions, but the founder insists that customers rent this kind of doll to "accompany". The entrepreneurs behind Calgary in Canada claim that some customers even rent "love dolls".

Customers can rent a doll for two hours for $ 142 (C $ 189), and spending a night with a real sex doll will return them to $ 217 (C $ 289), and a sex doll retails for about $ 6,000 . Thirteen dolls were selected, of which 12 were female and one was male.

News 3 tried to call the phone number listed on the "GYNOID doll experience" website multiple times, but no one answered or answered our call. Describe her business as a mobile gender social lifestyle club that publicly welcomes the community, but residents say they know exactly who they really are.

He said: "This is a sex club with fetishes at night. The parties and parties are weird. This is a developing Japanese sex doll story, please check back later for other developments. The Federal Ministry of Public Service announced on Monday Whether you're dialing an emergency number 112 or 101, starting on Tuesday, the menu will allow you to choose between fire, ambulance or police help.




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