Ricky johnson: How To Fix Microsoft Office (2013 or 2016) Error 1321

How To Fix Microsoft Office (2013 or 2016) Error 1321

10 Апр 2018 в 11:26am

Microsoft office is most usable software in the present. Everyone used it for the various work as education, businesses, and homes business. But whenever you have to face some standard error with the office program, office Error code 1321. It’s a common error we met by Office 2013 and 2016 user. This Error 1321 appears when the installation of Microsoft Office on your computer. If you have done an incomplete establishment of the Microsoft office. On that time you will get the office error 1321 on your gadgets. In this article, we are providing you some reasons and solution for this error. Please read all the provided steps carefully and apply to remove this error from your PC.

There are mentioned some common reason to create this error on your device. So now, essential to do the remove all the common causes before face the error 1321 again on the computer.

The speed of the update process is faster than download/copy process.
The windows registry file or other files related to office software has corrupted.
A conflict between a firewall or antivirus has created the error 1321 on the computer.
Your Windows is not permitting to access by showing “Access denied” message.
So now you noticed all the common reasons to appear the Error 1321. And now you have good news. Also, you can quickly resolve this issue by using some troubleshooting steps.

In this para, you will get some simple methods to get the relief of this error. Apply that and see how you will get a smooth or easy work with your Microsoft office software.

Please follow the given methods:

Method 1: Retry the installation of office

As the office establishment stopped cause of Error 1321.
Tap on the Retry catch and retry to introduce the refresh.
Carefully read the error message and tap on the cancel button, it doesn’t work.
Method 2: Disable Security on the gadget

Disable or Uninstall your Antivirus or Security Software from the device.
Now, try to attempt to finish the establishment.
Enable or reinstall the Antivirus again after the establishment.
In case, if the issue isn’t resolved, move to the following stage.
Note: Disable your Antivirus or Security programming. It happens that your gadget to infected with unsafe malware and dangers. It is suggested to not to using the web when the procedure and introduce back your security programming when you have finished with the establishment. 

Method 3: Reinstall the Office from the beginning.

Now, you need to remove the previous download and install the entire Office Software again from your computer. It will clear all the possibility of an infected registry file or incomplete download issue.

Now, Go to the Start menu and open the Control Panel.

Find the Uninstall a program and click on it.
Now, you will get a list of installed programs, select to the Microsoft Office and right-click on it.
Now, select the uninstall option. And click on it to delete the program from your computer.
Wait until the installation process has finished, restart your device again.
Now, install the Office again using same steps when you have used for the first installation for office.
If this method does not solve your issue, then move to the next one.
Method 4: Configure the Advanced Settings of Microsoft Office

Go to the folder of MS Office files (example: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office).
Right-click on the folder and select the Properties.
In the properties window, click on the Read Only button.
Now, go to the Advanced Settings.
Under the Advanced Attribute, Uncheck Encrypt contents to secure data. Click OK.
Save your change settings and close all the tabs.
Wait to complete the installation process.
Now, restart your computer.
If the Error 1321 continues your system, then you need to contact office customer support team. Technicians services are 24*7 available, call anytime for the support related to Fix Microsoft Office 2013 2016 Error 1321.

Microsoft office customer support:-
Connect 24X7 to MS expert technician to determine all the office related issue. You can connect them by two ways.

1-By toll-free or helpline number and

2-Via live chat.

Now, you have multiple choices to connect with MS office support team. They are always trying to give a satisfied solution of the office users. So please provide a chance for office certified team to support you. We make sure you will get the best response from the office assistant.

Source url- office-setup.me/how-to-fix-microsoft-office-2013-or-2016-error-1321/


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