eric: Live God’s Will and Stay Focused with Christian Shirts

Live God’s Will and Stay Focused with Christian Shirts

5 Фев 2020 в 04:53pm

If you will ever be given the chance to choose between a narrow gate and wide gate, which one will you pick? 

Many people will surely enter using the wide gate. This seems like the trend in this modern world. After all, it is easier to pass through this wide gate, and some might even argue it as something more enjoyable and fun. But, you have to remember that this happiness is nothing but temporary but the consequences will surely last for a long time.

However, for Christians, the joy that they find when they follow the will of God and enter through the narrow gate instead is eternal with permanent effects. In today’s world where people are always looking for an easier way out, it may feel a bit challenging to stay focused on the real will of God when it comes to your life. if you are going to stick to the course, you are going to discover that life is more rewarding if you spend it with Him.

How can you then say goodbye to all of your earthly ways and desires that hold you back? What can you do to live a life that the heavens will be proud of?

  • Give your first fruits to Him.

When your life gets too busy and hectic, it becomes almost impossible to focus on Him. At the end of the day, God only receives the leftovers as if He is just an afterthought. But, if He is the first thought you have every morning and He receives your day’s first moments, you can focus on Him better. As a result, you can start off your day with the kind of peace that comes from the heavens. It lets you stay more focused while you go through the day. No matter what issues arise, you can always trust in Him to lend you helping hand.

  • Live your life according to His plans.

The plan of the Lord is to give you a future and hope. Unfortunately, there are people who think of God like a genie who will grant them three wishes. Just so you know, the will of God is much bigger and better than those three wishes. What the Lord wants is for you to be part of a much bigger plan He has. This is the will He has for mankind. This will is for everyone to discover His saving grace. What He wants is to assist you perform this plan through witnessing to the people around you. Being part of something greater and bigger is truly a blessing. You find a purpose through and living this purpose is what the Lord wants.

The joys you find in your Christian life can become even better when you add Christian shirts to your wardrobe. These shirts will help you pass on your own happiness to the rest of the world. These will serve as a reminder of the purpose of your life that goes beyond yourself.



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