Cadence: Madden 20: simulation predicts Super Bowl LIV

Madden 20: simulation predicts Super Bowl LIV

3 Фев 2020 в 04:43am

EA Sports' "Crazy" series recently made a complete match prediction for the Super Bowl, with the Chiefs ranked first. If you believe in virtual predictions and you are a fan of the Chiefs, then-Supervisor and fans' favorite near-end Travis Kelce will spend the whole day.

According to Madden's prediction, Kelce will complete the Super Bowl game with 10 catches and a touchdown of 102 yards. In this season, Kelce caught 97 passes, passed 1,229 yards and made 5 touchdowns.

When playing EA Sports Madden 20 simulated video clips, including Tyrann Mathieu interception, Patrick Mahomes's Tyreek Hill touchdown, and Nick Bosa's sack, the game calculated the final result. In the end, EA Sports Madden 20 predicts that the Chiefs will beat the Chiefs 49:35. That's when virtual confetti fell on Mahomes, which was considered the MVP of the game. Mahomes is undoubtedly one of the best players in the contemporary era and a powerful character in the game. Buy MUT 20 Coins at GameMS and you will be able to easily own him.

The Super Bowl LIV will be held at the Hard Rock Stadium, home of the Miami Dolphins in Miami Gardens, Florida. Big Easy will usher in the 11th Super Sunday in 2024, and the game was held in 2013. The Super Bowl LIV competition will be held on Sunday, February 2, 2020. The kick-off time is set at 6:30 pm. ET. Super Bowl LIV will be available through the following channels: FOX and fuboTV.

The Chiefs are open with a -1 preference among the 49 teams. Entering the playoffs, the Chiefs ended the game 12-4 in the regular season, while the 49ers ended the league's best game 13-3. Former MVP Patrick Mahomes leads the Chiefs' explosive offense, while the 49ers have Jimmy Garoppolo in the quarterback, with Rahim Most Raheem Mostert and Tevin Coleman. This is the third Super Bowl game for the Chiefs and the seventh Super Bowl game for the 49ers. The Chiefs have a record of 1-1 in large games, while the 49ers have a record of 5-1 in previous games. The Emirates players are equally powerful. If you are a Madden 20 player, you will be able to find the right partner from this team to buy cheap MUT Coins, which will be effective.

The Chiefs rank second in the AFC playoffs. To win the Super Bowl, they defeated the Houston Texans in the 51-31 round of the division and then defeated the Titans in the AFC Championship.


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