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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is considered to be one of the best DLC 0f 2019, and now they have come along with more new inclusion of monsters, and regions. Yian Garuga is one of those monsters that is becoming a nightmare for gamers. Those who are not familiar with Yian Garuga, it is a bird with an aggressive nature and can execute powerful attacks of fire alongside poison.


Several players have also complained about the inability to locate Yian Garuga’s quest. In the article, we have provided certain ways to unlock Yian Garuga quest alongside a strategic guide to beat it. If you are looking for a resort through this article, then make sure that you read this article carefully to avoid any mistake.

How to Unlock Guiding Lands

The preceding process of Yian Garuga unlocking is to unlock the Guiding Lands, and there are several perquisites for it. Here is the list of all the essential prerequisite that is required for unlocking Guiding Lands:

  • Gamers can only unlock the Guiding Lands by first attaining the Master Rank.

  • Gamers should surpass the final boss to unlock Guiding Lands; thus, they need to beat him down.

  • Players should have a level of 3 in the Forest region of Guiding lands to become eligible for this quest, and they can easily accomplish it by breaking the parts of the monsters, trapping or capturing monsters, or should try to pick monsters trucks.

After they have fulfilled all these prerequisites, then they can easily become eligible to unlock the quest of Guiding Lands. Now, the player needs to unlock it and head to the Yian Garuga quest.

How to Unlock Yian Garuga

Actually, Return of the Crazy One is the name of this quest, and Seliana is in charge of this mission. Once players accomplish Guiding lands, then they will migrate you towards Seliana instantly. She will instruct the players about Yian Garuga and then grants you access to kill him in the arena of the quest.

 We have already mentioned above about the powerful and lethal attacks of Yian Garuga, and thus it is the responsibility of players to get prepared before heading towards him. Players should keep Herbal or Antidotes with them to repel the poisonous attack of Yian Garuga. Besides, players should also use Flash Pods during the fight because it is an essential item that will favor you to brought Yian Garuga on their toes.

Players should keep on attacking at him, and within a couple of minutes, he will lose all his stamina. He is such an obedient contender that he will not beckons in front of his enemies even he presumed to faint or die. So, players need to attack him without showing mercy on his weakness consecutively, and within a moment of time, they will get notified by Seliana that the quest is successfully completed.

Although it seems out to be a pretty easy job to do, Yian Garuga attacks are so lethal that veteran players also require 2 or 3 matches to thrash him. So, it is highly recommended to focus more on dodging rather than attacking.


We hope that this article will serve you properly, and if you are new to the world of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, then you can witness its gaming fun on PCPS4, and Xbox One.

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