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The rising reputation of mobile phones has generated cellular material management a lucrative business with a large profitable market. Because of this, patenting of cellular apps has been a hot topic amongst the certain customers. Mobile app patents have been in the market since quite a lengthy time now. Returning in history, we have seen even the cellular program developers with deep pockets such as Google, Apple company and Microsoft company starting certain litigation. The most popular was when Lodsys LLC--a non-practicing certain entity threatened Rovigo (the makers of Angry Birds) for certain infringement lawsuits. All this tells us that mobile phone applications are patentable. However in a market with quick lifestyle expectancy is it financially sensible to go for patents or not is a different matter.


The latest details from app analytics specialist Flurry, states that there are over 600,000 apps available for each, Android os and Super cell . This assists make the atmosphere all the more competitive especially for startups. So whether you want to certain your app or not is a little business option, because patenting involves a whole lengthy procedure.


First query that arises in thoughts is why should we certain the cellular application? The answers can be:


To develop a competitive advantages over all the others in market.

To obtain a special monopoly

To generate returns through licensing

To block your competitors

There are many issues associated with patenting an app that needs to be addressed before you actually go for patents. A certain can protect an item against copying by any other competitor. However, it certainly does not protect you from accusations of violation from other certain holders. This is just like example given regarding Lodsys LLC. It is no way impossible for a patented app to have some features that can infringe the rights of another patented app.


Consider these matters before diving into the arena of patents:


Are you prepared to spend the price range necessary for certain prosecution?

Is your app exclusive or is it worth the cash associated with getting it patented?

Do you intend to partner the cellular app in near future?

Will you have any commercial advantages by patenting?

Apart from these there is cost and timeframe issue while getting your app patenting. It is extremely essential to accessibility the global market and view the price structure corresponding to your country's regulations. In US a certain is likely to cost up to $ 30,000, which certainly demands a vision if it is advisable for your app to be patented or not. Also, patenting is a time-consuming procedure that may 3-4 decades to be granted in a country. So before indulging into this, let your app get public and examine the results. The concept of filing immediately before the concept is public is the most popular mistake committed by inventors.


The certain act states that a cool item or procedure and an improved item or procedure can be patented only if:


It solves a problem never addressed before

It puts forward new advantages, new alternatives or improved solutions

It is more comprehensible and cost-effective

Mobile applications run in two components-first on a person's program and second on remote web server that is the processing center. Any of the two components can make up the grounds for patentable claim. The application for filing the patents should be filed as soon as your app is prepared to commercialize. The whole procedure of filing a program requires annually from the date of starting the procedure. Patent laws differ in different countries. In Indian, patents are valid for Twenty decades from the first date of filing a program. To acquire exclusivity in various territories, one needs to file a program separately. For patenting abroad, you need to first file a program in your country and then for countries abroad using PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty).



Some of the top certain filers in Indian and around the globe are:



Hindustan Lever

Procter & Gamble





To protect the exclusive performance of an app, patenting it is the only way to do so. So if you too have the best concept in thoughts, consider implementing it and examining the results first. Create sure your entire application is drafted well enough to beat the certain prior art.


Kunal Khullar has 8 many decades of encounter with Application Services, Development and Team Management with diverse overseas software consulting firms in Indian and abroad. He has worked as a co-founder at The Brihaspati Infotech since 4 years--a major web style company in Indian that has been providing excellent quality alternatives and alternatives to the customers globally. His skills includes public on the internet marketing strategies, web style, on the internet marketing technology evaluation and assessment, management of onshore and off-shore development, and business analysis.


His familiarity with business fraternity, understanding of customer specifications, together with end-to-end understanding of the underlying technology and business practices, lead him to a leader in the modern diversified arena of economic. He has worked with various technical giants and helped them outperform competitive atmosphere. Management, market awareness and technological skills allow him to be inventive and act as a resource of direction for both strategic and important decisions.


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