Emily Stafford: Texting while Driving

Texting while Driving

17 Янв 2020 в 12:45pm

Without a doubt, scientific progress has positively influenced a human life by making it more convenient and easier. However, the development of new technologies can lead to some serious drawbacks as well. One of them is connected with the creation of messaging services, supported by any mobile phones and other communicative devices. The possibility to send and receive a quick message attracts people so much that they are ready to risk with the safety for their sake. Texting while driving is one of the striking examples of the harmful influence of the new technologies. It does not only lead to the health problems, but also performs a serious threat to the lives of the surrounding people.

Annually, American Automobile Association reports about the negative consequences of texting while driving. Many accidents were caused by this harmful habit. Plenty of drivers admit that their phones have distracted them at least once. Therefore, we can see that texting while driving makes a significant threat to safety on the roads, and increases the amounts of the car accidents.

Thus, the main drawbacks of texting while driving should be outlined. Firstly, it distracts drivers’ attention from the road. The numerous studies and researches show that people, who tend to write or answer the messages while driving, represent a smaller degree of attention, comparing with those who focus exclusively on the road. Obviously, a lack of attention can lead to the dangerous accidents and health problems. In any case, drivers should demonstrate the complete concentration on driving.

Secondly, many countries have banned the usage of the communication devices while driving. In any case, it is not a spontaneous decision. The recent statistics shows that 18% of fatal accidents are caused by drivers’ distraction. Approximately 45% of drivers agree on the fact of being distracted by their phones during driving. Therefore, we can assume that texting is a very strong habit, which can unfortunately result in tragic consequences. Driving is not a place for entertainment and fun; hence, any distractions and temptations should be neglected and avoided on the road.

Thirdly, texting while driving leads to the slowdown of the drivers’ reactions. For instance, such drivers find it difficult to react properly to the unexpected events on the road, as they are busy with their devices. In some cases, such negligence can lead to the payment of fines. However, it can also results in a serious accident. Thus, the slowdown of cognitive reactions and processes can significantly influence the situation on the roads.

Finally, texting during driving is very harmful for the vision. Undoubtedly, roads are not perfectly straight; they may contain minor pits or salient. Typing a message demands a constant concentration of the lens. Thus, typing or reading while driving leads to the permanent changes in the focus. As a result, people can face difficulties with their vision and problems with eyes. It is not strange that doctors advise not to read in the public transport in order to protect eyes and good vision.

To sum up, texting while driving is not only a disturbing, but also a dangerous activity. It significantly retards the drivers’ attention and reactions, and can result in lethal accidents. Nowadays, many countries effectively fight against the usage of phones while driving. Such a prohibition is supposed to reduce the number of accidents on the roads, and draw the drivers’ attention exclusively on the driving process. However, the refusal of phones depends not on the specific bans issued by the state, but on the drivers’ realization of the importance of this problem. It will be possible to solve this problem if drivers admit that texting while driving is dangerous for the surroundings.

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