urdolls: He Claims He Took A Sex Doll To A Plastic Surgeon

He Claims He Took A Sex Doll To A Plastic Surgeon

15 Янв 2020 в 01:37pm

When I show the world a photo of a male sex doll

Bodybuilder Yuri Tolochko will marry his sex doll after 8 months of dating. Extreme Love "preview: Dean reveals GYNOID doll he is close to. Looks like sex with ex-girlfriend and dead celebrity Dolls, but the manufacturer is wary. An adult business was established in July 2019. It has a variety of female dolls and a male that can be rented by the hour or overnight. The founder said: "We have To single men, physically handicapped people, "he asked not to use real names for fear of affecting his work in the oil and gas industry.


Tolchko declared: "She started developing a complex." "When I showed pictures of the male sex doll to the world, she got a lot of criticism, she started developing a complex, so we decided to have cosmetic surgery." It seemed very He likes the stories he creates and is fully committed to fantasy. He claims that he took a sex doll to a plastic surgeon. "She has changed a lot. It was difficult to accept at first, but then I got used to it. It was in a real clinic with a real doctor." The wedding date has not yet been announced, he said.

The collector said that the Pregnant sex doll helped him fill in the gaps in two post-divorce lives, and he opened up ladies known as "sex" toys. "We have always used the term sex doll, but this really limits its functionality," he explained on the defensive end. "I hate that noun ... I won't talk about it, but I won't have sex with all of my dolls." Sex dolls are best described as life-size toys, and owners may use it for sexual pleasure, Many of them have silicone parts that better mimic real human bodies.

"I have approached me much more than you can imagine, unable to copy this actress, or this is a real sex doll photo left by my girlfriend. Even a dead celebrity, I will never touch it because To me, that's a code of ethics. And, I just think it's incorrect to copy someone to death or live without someone else's permission. For me, this is not a gray area, but rather black and white , So I will never do that. "

"Our vision is to standardize the fact that people have desires, and a healthy sexual desire is normal," states the website. "Using manufactured sex items is a way to exercise any fantasy and desire in people's controlled environment. He said:" I have been doing this for a long time, and obviously I have the same policy, that is, without them Made it clear that I would not copy another person. "The company rents a variety of dolls with different backgrounds and names. These include an elf named Bella and an Australian party girl named Brooklyn. These sex doll are mostly female-based, but they also have a male doll.

This time we met a retired psychiatric nurse who is a doll photographer. Doll, we mean sex doll. He has more than 12 dolls living with him and goes out to take pictures and date with him. Dean from the United Kingdom has divorced twice and has just retired. He has two children and they moved out of the house when they grow up. A few years ago, the first Japanese sex doll he got was Sarah, and "she" held a special place in his heart.




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