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Major Signs of Cancer

4 Янв 2020 в 01:47pm

A lot of women do not like to talk about their breasts and they certainly do not like to stare at them, or to palpate them to search for lumps. These self exams and observations can save the lives of more women than all of the mammograms that will be done this year. The self exam and observation that you do will allow you to notice changes quicker and be able to detect problems sooner. The sooner you discover a lump or change the better your chances of surviving if it is malignant.

You need to exam your breasts once every month for lumps. This means you will need to feel the breast to find any places that seem different than the last time that you checked them. It is recommended that you do these examinations on the same day of the month each time so that the tissue you are palpating will be the same. Your mammary glands swell and change at different times of the month in unison with your monthly cycle. SO make sure that you schedule a day and keep that day every month as your-self check day.How to have beautiful skin You want to get in the shower and slowly feel every portion of the breast matter. You do this by starting at the nipple and using two fingers to feel the tissue you slowly make small circles until you have covered the entire area. Doing this in the shower while you are soapy makes it easier to do.

You also want to check them again while you are lying on the bed. Lie flat of your back and hold one arm above your head, with the other hand exam the tissue on the side of the body that the arm is lifted on. Then repeat on the other side of your body. Now touch them with your arms lying flat against your sides. You are trying to sense changes or places that seem to be hard like a small pea.

You need to stand in front of the mirror naked and look at your reflection. Make sure that your nipples line up. Is one higher than the other? Do the left and the right sides look the same? When you look at your reflection the left side of your chest and the right side of your chest should look the same. If you have a dimple on the left you should have a dimple on the right as well. If you notice discrepancies you need to see your doctor.

You also want to look at the skin around the nipple and on the surface of the bosom. If the skin appears to be smooth then you are fine but when the skin appears to be textured like an orange peeling is then you have cause for concern. You will need to see your doctor and have this checked out.

Breast cancer is survivable if you catch it early. So take the time to do the examination and always get further advice if you notice any discrepancies.


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