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Housemaid agencies

3 Дек 2019 в 11:13am

How to choose between Part time and full time housemaids?

This is another important call that you have to take when hiring housemaids in India. You may hire a maid just for a few hours of work every day. You may also hire a housemaid for full day from morning to evening or hire one for 24 hrs.

Since there are lots of options like full time maids, part time maids, live in maids it may be difficult for you to take a call. If you are unsure, then just consider following to decide better;

Full time maids will primarily work for full day. Part time maids can be hired for 4-5 hrs and live in maids will live at your home 24 hrs. Which specific maid do you need, actually depend on your requirement.

Naturally, depending on which type of maid you select, you have to pay them the monthly salary and also the consultancy fees to the maid agency which may be a flat fee or based on the monthly salary of the maid.

Ways to hire full time or part time housemaids in India

One of the best ways to hire housemaids in India is to hire one from a reference. Ask your neighbor, close friends and family to refer someone they know personally. Trust is of highest importance when hiring housemaids in and hence hiring from references is probably the best thing to do.

You can also contact a local agency that offers housemaid services. Housemaid agencies usually have an extensive database of available maids. But since there are lots of things to look for when hiring an agency, just be sure that you understand the terms and condition and that you are dealing with a reliable maid agency.

One of the best advantage of using such aggregator is they offer multiple options to you and you get to choose a maid as per your needs and lifestyle. So if you are looking for housemaids, then instead of getting stuck with one or two options that you can find by asking your neighbor, you may like to explore more options and find a maid that fits your needs.

You can find contact details of such agencies in daily newspapers or search for them online. You can brief them your needs and then communicate and evaluate the potential maids profile and take the final call about hiring a housemaid.

Maid agencies may charge you a flat fee for helping you in hiring housemaids, cooks, drivers, elder care and other resources. Some other agencies may charge you based on the profile of the maid. It’s better to know the agency fee well in advance along with other terms.


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