urdolls: He Bought A Life-sized Sex Doll For A Simple Life

He Bought A Life-sized Sex Doll For A Simple Life

26 Ноя 2019 в 05:52am

Sex dolls can replace person-to-person contact

He now splits his time between Miami and Australia, and her lifestyle is a far cry from her days as a nurse with a topless waitress to supplement her salary. His dolls have a backlog of 12 weeks, and each doll takes about 80 hours of work, starting with silicone molding and completing painting, makeup, clothes, hairstyles, manicures and jewelry when required.

If you're wondering, her family is very supportive of her chosen career, and in fact he's posing with her mother and sister in men's magazines. Added: "For men who are interested in buying a sex robot version of a pregnant sex doll, they are often looking for peer relationships."

The worrying trend of sex doll addiction was revealed in last year's RT documentary "Substitution". It focuses on how life-size TPE sex doll—silicone fake dolls disguised as women—help foster “a sense of national loneliness and alienation”. Its new series of dolls are made of high-quality silicone, so good that they are mistaken for real women, and boast that if you buy a set of dolls, you will never want a suitable woman Friend.

As technology advances and prices fall, the demand for anthropomorphic sex robots and dolls with realistic features is growing worldwide. When you have sex with your wife, you may encounter some problems. With dolls, it doesn't matter. ”

Speaking of the popularity of love dolls, Kanoko Amano, a demographic expert at the Tokyo Research Institute, said: "The biggest problem in Japan is the decline in birth rates and population. This is called a national disaster. In most countries, they are considered It is an expensive sex toy used by men and women for entertainment.

He was engaged in painting, drawing and mixed media art from an early age, and it was not until his 20s that he developed a strong interest in sex doll, specializing in the creation of lifelike female images from 12 to 18 inches tall. That talent led him to a job at the Halloween Mask Factory in San Diego, where he learned injection molding techniques.

";Daily Star" revealed that he plans to release a sex robot using "AI chest" breathing. I can't imagine that GYNOID doll completely replaced prostitutes. I can't really comment on the wishes of the client, but I know that many bettors want more than sex. Sex dolls are not a substitute for person-to-person contact. He explained that he was bored with the complex relationship with real women, so he bought a life-size doll and lived a simple life.


The 61-year-old doll sleeps with his Japanese sex doll every night after he bought her doll six years ago to fill the gap. "It's a milestone for me. In my industry, it's important whenever you get recognition or sponsorship, or when you turn an underwear line or body part into an adult toy," she said. "I see an opportunity to make a living and do what I love, and that's art. It's a way to advance my career and challenge myself to make myself as realistic as possible."

I will receive my sex doll this week and will make my first appearance on Facebook. The vision is the next upgrade that comes with the d cup sex doll robot. I hope to test it by the end of this year. Buyers can choose from 16 body styles, 31 faces, and 5 skin tones, as well as eye color, hair, and hand-painted features such as freckles, veins, chest size, and even various nipple colors and styles (such as lively, Fluffy or soft).




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