Brazilian Wood Depot: Visit Brazilian Wood Depot And Design Your Floor With Brazilian Hardwood Flooring: Your Home Looks Different

Visit Brazilian Wood Depot And Design Your Floor With Brazilian Hardwood Flooring: Your Home Looks Different

20 Ноя 2019 в 02:42pm


More than a trend, wood flooring is already unanimous when the intention is to add beauty, warmth and sophistication to the design of the house. Thanks to the versatility of Brazilian Wood Depot, you can now choose the best Brazilian woods to design your hard wood flooring. They have the largest collection of Brazilian hardwood which you can use for flooring, decking, or siding. Basically, what defines the style of the decoration is the way you apply the wood and the combinations made with the rest of the décor, such as furniture and other objects of the environment. However, whatever combination you choose, one thing is certain - your home will come to gain in comfort, elegance, durability - and many other advantages that only woody coverings can bring.

Different Kinds Of Wood Flooring Applications Which Suits Your Style

Perhaps the great advantage of Brazilian hardwood is the fact that this raw material is available in many species, allowing for different dimensions, textures and shades so that you can coat your environments exactly the way you want. Brazilian Hardwoods are some of the hardest woods in the world. So installing them will need professionalism, experience and trained worker. In Brazilian Wood Depot, they will be happy to guide you.

Sheet panels - This type of covering can be fixed to the slatted frame with nails or screws. If you choose screws, they should be positioned equally spaced. Another option is to use glue for panels. Just apply it to the slats and press the sheet firmly.

Slats on the wall - in this option pilot hole are drilled in the slats to fit the masonry nails. This prevents wood from chipping if it is thinner. The procedure is to place the nail at one end and level the slat to nail the other end. For better fixing and finishing, it is recommended to place more nails along the slat.

Footrest - This is a very simple and practical alternative to keeping a panel off the floor. Just fix it using two pieces of wood as a footrest, positioned cross-shaped one over the other.

Durability Of Brazilian Hardwood Goes Far Beyond Your Expectation


This is another feature. In fact, Brazilian Hardwood is quite durable due to its origin. Even so, in the manufacture of floors, panels and furniture, the item goes through a series of specific treatments to ensure even greater durabilitysuch as waterproofing against the action of fungi or termites.

Even though it is a very versatile material, there are some tricks to exploiting the full potential of wood in some specific rooms of the house. To eliminate any risk of error, consider that the social and intimate areas of the residence - such as living rooms and dormitories - are perfect environments for investing in wood flooring. No matter which application you can think of, get the solution from the professionals. Visit Brazilian Wood Depot and choose the best hardwood you need to deign your house. Our professionals can help you to get the design installed.





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