karen minton: How to Do Fast Castle Strategy in Age of Empires II

How to Do Fast Castle Strategy in Age of Empires II

19 Ноя 2019 в 08:14am

The Age of Empire is a wonderful game and recently on his 20th anniversary, the company has launched its new edition Age of Empires II. This one is a whole new world from its predecessor as it packs new animations, civilizations, and artworks. Some of its strategies are hard to perform so here we are focusing on the most usual ones. Follow the given steps to quickly form all the Fast Castle strategy:

Steps to Do Fast Castle in Age of empire II

For Fast Castle Strategies, you can use several options. If your game includes civilization with fixed economic benefits, then you can go to Castle Age in no time. Almost every civilization starts with a scout and three villagers; we will discuss it in the steps down below:

  1. You need to queue up villagers in large amounts in your Town Centre as you don’t want to avoid your Town Centre idle.

  2. Use your scout to locate all the animals near your Town Centre, whether they are domestic or wild. If you find any sheep, then quickly send it to your Town center.

  3. Use villager to build houses, send villagers no 1 and 2 for building one house nearby. Make sure you save room for farms near your Town Centre.

  4. Use villager no 3 for building a separate house.

  5. Use villager no 4 to begin harvesting the sheep under Town Centre.

  6. If the houses are built, then send all the villagers no 1,2,3 for sheep harvesting.

  7. Use the new villagers no 5 and 6 for harvesting the sheep, keep on queuing more new villagers to your Town Centre to idle any downtown.

  8. Use new villager 7 for building lumber camp on the clump of trees found by the scout of your Town center. Make sure to locate the camp at a place that is hard to attack.

  9. Use new villagers no 8 and 9 for chopping wood.

  10. Use villager no 10 for building a house near the boar that your scout found.

  11. Use the new villager no 11 for chopping wood on the wood line.

  12. Use villager no 10 to attack the boar, allow the villagers to do at least two fire shots. After this, the villager will try to get the boar as hard as possible.

  13. Use new villager no 12 for chopping wood, keep on harvesting the trees near your Town Centre for Space for the farms.

  14. Use new villagers no 13 for building a mill beside the berries.

  15. Use new villagers no 14 and 15 for harvesting berries.

  16. Make sure you pay attention to the food left in the boar at your Town Centre, after the boar has more than 100 food left, then use any of the villager from harvest work to shift the food to the other boar.

  17. Use a new villager for building a new house, after that, send the villager for harvesting berries.

  18. Use new villagers no 18 and 19 for harvesting berries.

  19. Use a new villager no 20 for building a house around a tree line that is hard to attack, after that, send him for building lumber camp on the new treeline.

  20. Use new villager no 21 for building more lumber camp at an untouched treeline.

  21. Use new villager no 22, 23, and 24 for chopping wood at a new camp.

  22. Start building the farms using the food harvesters around your Town Centre.

  23. Use new villager no 25 for building a mining camp upon the most secure gold at your Town Centre.

  24. Use the new villagers no 26 and 27 for mining gold.

  25. Check the Feudal age of your Town Centre; you need to use 14 villagers for food collection, ten villagers for wood collection, and three for gold collection.

  26. Bring back one villager from wood and use the villager for building barracks while you are researching your Feudal Age. Try to place it near the front of the base for mobilizing units.

  27. Send back the villager, once they have completed their work.

  28. If your Feudal Age research is complete, quickly queue up for more villagers at your Town Centre.

After completing the Feudal Age research, you need to do a logical choose option for thriving in the Castle Age. If you want to produce Knights, then build a reliable and blacksmith, if you are not afraid of the enemy, then build a blacksmith and market.

  • Use three berry harvesters for building a blacksmith and a second Feudal Age building.

  • Use new villagers no 28 and 29 for gold mining for Knights or for booming use them for chopping wood Do a research for the Castle Age on the Town Centre.

  • Research about Double-bit Axe on the camp.

  • Research about the Horsecollar on the mill.

After You Reach Castle Age

After entering Castle Age you need to know what you going to do, either continue the blooming of economy or making more knights to tackle your enemies. In this option, you need to add more villagers to your Town center. Research for the Loom if you forget it to do on some points and make sure you build more houses that support your population.

If you are going for the Knights, then build a secure and stable for producing more knights. If the Blacksmith cavalry update is available, then update it now. Keep on continuing building farms, mining gold, and collect mining stone if you want to increase your castle and TCs.

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