Maria Velez: How to Organize Your Shortcuts on iPad and iPhones

How to Organize Your Shortcuts on iPad and iPhones

18 Ноя 2019 в 06:12pm

Managing shortcuts for your favorite apps significantly reduces your efforts. You may create your shortcuts for the desired applications. You have other various options to do so as well. You can drag and drop them into the library from the gallery. It enables you to delete, organize, or even make duplicates of them using the Shortcut app.

The shortcuts can be managed to appear or disappear on the Shortcuts widget. In order to do so, follow the below-mentioned steps.

Rearranging the Shortcuts on Your Device

  1. First of all, tap the “Shortcuts” application. It is usually located on the home screen of your device. You may also locate it under the apps drawer.

  2. Now, hit the “Edit” tab situated at the upper-left edge of your device’s screen.

  3. Here, you will see various shortcut options. You have to press on your desired shortcuts.

  4. Then place them into the new location. You may drag one or more shortcuts that you wish.

  5. After that, hit the “Done” tab when you became agree that all your selected shortcuts placed according to your arrangement.

Removing Shortcuts

  1. Launch the “Shortcuts” app located on your device.

  2. Then hit the “Edit” tab present at the upper-left side edge of your application.

  3. After that, select the desired shortcuts you like to remove. After this, blue-colored checkboxes will show on your selected shortcuts present on the device’s screen.

  4. Now hit the delete icon (trash bin). It will appear blue.

  5. Then tap on the “Delete Shortcut” option.

Duplicating the Shortcuts

  1. Firstly, hit the “Shortcuts” application located on your iPad or iPhone.

  2. Now tap the “Edit” tab situated on the upper-left edge of your application window.

  3. Next, tap on your desired shortcuts of which you wish to make a copy.

  4. Then press the “duplicate” tab.

Checking Shortcuts in Shortcut Widget or Share Sheet

  1. First of all, launch the “Shortcuts” app located on your iPad or iPhone.

  2. Then hit the menu icon located on shortcuts.

  3. Now tap the menu button once more. It will be at the upper-right edge of your shortcut page.

  4. Next, you have to toggle the “Show in Widget” button to “On.”

  5. It will turn green.

  6. It will enable your shortcut to show on your Widget list.

  7. Again you have to toggle the “Show in Share Sheet” button to “On.”

  8. It will show your shortcuts inside the Share Sheet.

  9. After this, the switch button will start to appear green.

  10. Now tap on the “Share Sheet Types” option.

  11. Then, you have to select the share sheet type option you don’t wish your shortcuts to show under.

  12. After that, hit the “Details” option.

  13. Finally, tap on the “Done” button.

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