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How to Catch Ditto in Pokémon Go

9 Ноя 2019 в 07:10am

Finding Ditto in Pokémon Go could be a tiring task as it hides under other Pokémon disguises. There is a number of disguises Ditto can hide under, ranging from Weedle to Whismu. However, there is nothing to worry about as here you can learn how to catch a Ditto in Pokémon Go.  

How to Capture a Ditto in Pokémon Go?

The basic trick to capture a Ditto is learning about its appearance and location. As we know, it can easily disguise itself and mimic others perfectly, which makes things challenging. However, the purple squish monster of Pokémon Go usually hides in common Pokémons. So, all you need to do is capture them all to find out a Ditto. But what type of Pokémon you should target? Well, for the last two years, ditto has transformed into numerous Pokémon. So, check the following Pokémon Go Ditto list that will support to make your hunt convenient. 

In Generation 1, Ditto transformed into:

  • Paras

  • Weedle

  • Venonat

In Generation 2, Ditto turned into:

  • Hoppip

  • Hoothoot

  • Spinarak

  • Ledyba

In Generation 3, Ditto turned into:

  • Numel

  • Gulpin

  • Skitty

  • Whismur

  • Seedot

  • Remoraid

In Generation 4, Ditto transformed into:

  • Bidoof

General Information on Ditto

Ditto is ordinary with no evolved form. But players can power it up by using the combination of candy and stardust with other Pokémon. How to earn candy and stardust? Well, after getting Ditto as your buddy, you will attain a candy in every 3 km. 

Tips to Catch and Use of Ditto in Pokémon Go

  • Use lure and incense to capture Ditto:

With the help of lure and incense, players can target any Pokémon from the list to find Ditto in the game. If you are waiting for a perfect moment to catch a Pokémon, then try using incense or lure.

  • Try your nearby radar

As mentioned earlier, Ditto disguises itself into common Pokémon. So, always keep an eye on the radar and don’t miss out on the chance to catch one in the game.

  • Crack a Lucky Egg

During ditto hunt, you will earn an enormous amount of XP and Star Pieces by catching or checking every Pokémon you come across. By cracking a lucky egg, players can double the Start pieces and XP for half an hour. By doing such, it will increase the chance to locate and lure Ditto in Pokémon Go.

Use of Ditto in Pokémon Gyms

Once you capture the Ditto, one can effortlessly find fascinating ways to use it in Pokémon gyms. In the battle, it will transform itself into the opponent’s Pokémon and mimic it accordingly. However, you can only change the appearance into the first challenger’s Pokémon it encounters.

 Also, it will not be able to change back into normal or take another form for the full gym battle. Make sure to use the ability by transforming into powerful Pokémon. Otherwise, you will end up losing the gym battle completely.

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