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Best Jewellers in pune

7 Ноя 2019 в 04:55am

1. Simple Gold Necklace Design:

The elegance and beauty of gold can be perfectly captured in this simple gold necklace. The necklace need not be very elaborate in design but just needs to be pretty yet simple in appearance. It can just be of a simple pattern like a leaf, buds, flowers, or any abstract design. The chain can be a bit thick for the solid gold name cute necklace which will make the pattern stand out and give a nice fall on the neck.

2. Heavy Gold Necklaces:

Pure gold customizable best friend necklaces are bound to be in focus, whenever someone is thinking and talking about gold necklace designs. Heavy gold necklaces are a must for festivals and especially for weddings. Most brides are seen to wear some heavy and beautifully crafted gold necklaces. This type of gold heavy jewelry blends perfectly with pure silk.

The pure shine and lustre in this gold jewelry design sets it apart and gives it a grand and beautiful look. The necklace beautifully rests on the neck adding to your charm and charisma. Teamed with other long chains, earrings, etc. these heavy gold personalized necklaces complete the final look of a bride.



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