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How to Keep your Apple Watch Quiet

5 Ноя 2019 в 09:24am

Going to watch a movie, headed for an important conference, or just want to meditate in peace? While Apple Watch is definitely amazing, constant pings and alerts may annoy or bother you at times. Well, there are a number of ways to silence your Apple Watch. For instance, muting the Watch is pretty easy as you simply have to cover its screen with your palm. This is the quickest way to silence the watch. Without further ado, let’s explore the different ways to keep your Watch quiet.

Muting the Apple Watch

You can mute your watch to silence its sounds. The process of doing so is pretty straightforward. Let’s check out the steps for muting Apple Watch.

  • First, you need to swipe upwards on the Apple Watch face for bringing up the Control Center.

  • After that, a number of options will appear on the screen.

  • Tap on the bell option for enabling the Silent Mode.

  • When the feature gets activated, the icon will become colored, and there will be a line across it.

  • Users will still be able to get haptic notifications even when the device is in the silent mode.

The watch will play alarms and timers when it is on charge.

Users can disable Haptic Alerts. Just open the Settings application on the Watch. Or else, open the Watch application on the connected iPhone. Tap on Sounds and Haptics and turn off Haptic Alerts.

Enabling Do Not Disturb

Activate the Do Not Disturb feature, and it will mute all the alerts and sounds while also preventing your Watch screen from lighting up.

  • First, you need to swipe upwards on your Apple Watch face for launching the Control Center.

  • After that, select the moon icon.

  • Now, you need to choose the option for determining until when you wish to keep the feature turned on.

  • You can choose On for keeping the DND mode activated until you disable it manually.

  • Or else, you can choose On for One hour.

  • You may also select On until this evening.

  • When you have turned on the feature, the moon option shall show up in the middle of your Watch screen.

  • Now, alarms and timers will still sound on DND mode.

If you disable or enable DND on your watch, then the feature also gets disabled or enabled on your iPhone. Similarly, when you activate or deactivate it from your iPhone, then it gets activated and deactivated on your Watch.

Enabling the Theater Mode

Theater Mode is a good option to silence Apple Watch. Once this mode is enabled, it also activates the Silent Mode while disabling the Wake Screen on the Wrist Raise function for some time.

  • Swipe upwards on your Apple Watch.

  • This will bring up the Control Center.

  • After that, select the option that shows two face masks.

  • Tap on this option.

  • This will enable the feature.

  • When in Theater Mode, users will be able to receive haptic notifications.

For waking up the Apple Watch screen when the Theater Mode is turned on, simply touch the display. Or else you should tap the side button. Alternatively, pressing the Digital Crown should work as well.

How to mute incoming alerts?

In case you did not mute or silence the notifications earlier, then you may mute the incoming notifications using Cover to Mute.

In order to activate the feature, open the Watch app on your phone. Tap on the My Watch option and select Sounds and Haptics. Enable the Cover to Mute option.

For Silencing incoming alerts or notifications, simply use your hand to cover the watch’s display for a couple of seconds.


Source :- office-comsetup.uk.com/how-to-keep-your-apple-watch-quiet/

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