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New Discoveries Assistance Swing Treatment

16 Окт 2019 в 11:09am

Absurdity is everything that is poor and dangerous for the individual being. Even though a lot of people believe that absurdity is simply an irrational state of mind or perhaps a silly action, the fact remains that absurdity is having less stability as a result of predomination of evilness in an individual's behavior. This is why absurdity produces violence.I cared about learning how to heal a intellectual condition since I'd inherited an excessive amount of absurdity in to my anti-conscience, which will be the crazy side of the human conscience. My father was schizophrenic. When I turned a young adult I pointed out that my behavior was like his behavior.

I studied this is of dreams with seriousness, concluding that only Carl Jung's approach to dream meaning actually translates their meaning. I specifically used Jung's guidance, becoming a specialist in dream translation after following desire therapy according to his strategy for four years.Then, I handled to carry on his study and clearly see the anti-conscience, that will be the crazy side of the individual conscience he couldn't see with the information he had. Jung was really afraid of the not known content of the individual psyche when he realized that there clearly was craziness inside our brain. But, he did not know where it could be. This is why he was also afraid of the unconscious brain that creates our dreams.

I solved every thing following exploring the unconscious sanctity, and after exploring the satanic part of the human conscience. We're fundamentally wild primates, who possess an enormous satanic conscience that works against our human conscience. For this reason I named it anti-conscience. The anti-conscience is constantly attempting to destroy the human area of our conscience in order to get a handle on our behavior. could uncover the existence of the anti-conscience because I was really well-prepared by the unconscious mind to be able to be able to get this to discovery when I turned 28-years-old.

I first noticed that I'd a second personality, that was absurd, when I experienced a sad car accident, when I was 15-years-old. I lost the control of my movements and my storage for a specific period of time. I also lost my intelligence, my previous character, and my religiosity.Everything done changed for me next tragic incident, particularly because my conscience was invaded by my anti-conscience and I turned neurotic.My neurosis obliged me to check out a routine in order to protect myself from what was bad. I respectable numerous signs that allegedly secured me within my house. For example, a particular carpet needed to be in a specific place, usually'anything poor would occur '. If the rug wasn't as it should be I could not sense relaxed; I had to fix their position in order to guarantee that nothing bad would happen. การค้นพบใหม่ๆ2020

There were several things within my residence that began having that unusual symbolic indicating for me personally following the accident. This was a secret ritual since I realized that when my mother or my man might see me correcting the positioning of the carpet all the time (or doing different issues that I considered necessary to ensure that I'd feel secured from that which was bad) they'd believe I was crazy. I knew that what I was doing was ludicrous and that I had to hide it from everyone.This was my first connection with the absurdity I had learned, which was very strong. Therefore, I found from an earlier era that I'd another personality that has been absurd.This 2nd personality exists inside everyone. It is responsible for generating most of the mental disorders observed in the human race.Strange instances of people who have numerous personalities and become murderers without understanding what their next character does when it regulates their behavior may finally be explained. People inherit a wild conscience from delivery, which includes an independent functioning.

Our anti-conscience is our satanic personality, which did not learn to be human, just like the small part of our mind that has individual faculties and loves goodness. When the anti-conscience handles to destroy our individual conscience and get a handle on our behavior, we become monsters.The anti-conscience is our next character, but it can also create a variety of personalities. We ought to remove it through mind the quickest possible. This is completed through dream treatment in a couple of months of psychotherapy when a person is typical, frustrated, or neurotic. If she or he suffers from a serious intellectual condition his psychotherapy might take decades, but he will be cured.


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