limei: Revenant Hunting clans in the OSRS gold

Revenant Hunting clans in the OSRS gold

9 Окт 2019 в 04:38am

I'm so sad that each video I have seen covering the background of runescape never mentions the Revenant Hunting clans in the OSRS gold jungle back in 2008-2011. It had been such a massive portion of my youth and that I made so many friends back then doing this, although I guess it goes to show how little we were. It had been the most enjoyable I've ever had in a game. I miss it and that I miss Kathryns Bow, Playpro5, the 3 clans we had, and w141revhunts. 

If anybody from these clans is here you guys meant the world to me back then and actually made my childhood pleasurable. By which occasions I actually remember, I understand that I played the game from 2004 to ~2009. Just started OSRS, but it too new of a version of the game to me. I'd prefer no trade that is expansive. It removed some of the social interaction with others.

Great video - really cool watched it from rs gold site start to finish. Considering that the comment that is best , maybe this is the location I could ask a question that's bugged me - ? It was text only, although I think it was Java. B/c I swear I played with a mmo game such as Runequest(if it wasn't that) - it was the summer between my junior and senior year of high school. 

I had gone to spend in northern Ireland and my cousin played that game and introduced me. And I played it when I got back to the US and while I was there. It might have been in 1998(going back and taking a look at the timing, has to have been a different game - but quite similar. So I guess I still have no idea what that other match was).


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