urdolls: Do You Think Sex Dolls Will Become The Trend of Future Technology?

Do You Think Sex Dolls Will Become The Trend of Future Technology?

7 Окт 2019 в 08:50am

Technology allows users to remotely access GYNOID dolls

What customers need most is to add sound to the Japanese sex doll, and the manufacturer is easier to implement. Since sex dolls have different meanings for everyone, if all dolls have the same sound, then it will become a machine. The best way is to let each doll have its own feelings and memories. Of course, in the future, you can add more complex features to the doll, and then it is the robot of the future.

Instead of enacting laws around sex robots, Ms. Brooks suggested that we should establish a code of ethics around cross-species relationships. She added: "Our kindness and sympathy for the 100cm sex doll may be a good starting point."

If sex with sex doll robots or other forms of sex technology becomes commonplace, it will be harder. “In the US, we have an interesting relationship with privacy,” she said. “We are willing to use a lot of privacy and information for trading, rather than enjoying the fun of intimacy.”

Technology can help humans explore and change sexual behavior. On the contrary, forms of sexual interest and technology intertwined are becoming more and more accepted. In addition to physical dolls, sex technology also allows users to remotely access certain GYNOID doll. Make sex more personal. In addition to flexibility, this will greatly reduce costs. Do you think it will be the trend of future technology?


The important thing is that just because she is a machine, we will not let ourselves become another survivor and heroine, let ourselves 'get out of trouble' and only repeat it.

She weighs 100 kilograms and we mention that she can bend to any possible position. The future of sex dolls, and even the future of society, will turn to safety. The public is strongly protesting, but Takagi says it is a tool for people like him who are struggling with the sexual attraction of children.

The CEO told the publication in an interview that the application is based on gender-free – once the male version of the app is complete, subscribers can easily choose different genders when creating their AI,” he said. Technically, this may also make men redundant, but if there is sex that will blow R80000 to a flat chested love doll, our money will fall on the man.

"Yes, the TPE sex doll is a machine, but does this mean that it is reasonable to take destructive action against her? The fact that she is in a human form undoubtedly makes her a surface that projects human sexuality and symbolizes futurism. Human sexual desire."

American photographer Laurie Simmons likes to anthropomorphize people's still lifes and create story scenes with nostalgic and beautiful colors. This is a company that produces anatomically correct imitations of 5-year-old girls, and when the store owner said they would start making sex dolls for pedophiles to control their impulses, it was controversial.

Some people think that the focus of realistic dolls is to make the dolls anatomically correct, because they are mainly sex toys. But not only that. Others see dolls as works of art, treating them as mannequins and paying attention to the appearance of dolls, such as makeup and wear. Think of them as the subject of photography, and so on.

It took a cool R80 000 and Bridget was made to order. You can make her a copy of your favorite movie star, ex-girlfriend or any other creepy image you think of.




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