limei: I've gotten to rsgoldfast

I've gotten to rsgoldfast

25 Сен 2019 в 04:18am

Good video as to whether to play with or not. However, since a participant of Runescape from 2004 - EOC (I am now 23, ouch) the reason I never picked up OSRS gold was because you need to begin all over again from scratch. From what I have seen Runescape also seems much more grindy than it was, however this may be an unfair assumption as most content creators concentrate more on perfect accounts, pking and grinding rather than the things I used to perform all the time (clan wars, castle wars largely ). 

In any event, if you are fresh, play Runescape - .Even though slaying, you can get things to train Prayer, Farming & Herblore, all pretty fast and they are like quests in themselves. This will not make 

you happy because you don't like the battle of Runescape, but that is a grind.

 It is always switching things up.I've gotten to rsgoldfast level 94 within a couple of months as a ironman, and I'm between 50-80 on each skill but the only grinding I have done is when I am composing or watching a film and I would like to do some of the more menial tasks in the background. "And since you stated you didn't really read any of my great criticisms" You are the one reading. I read your"great" criticisms, they were mostly nonsense, but I did not need to thrust a very long response upon you sooner.

"The economy is largely broken, NPC shops are useless and inflation is a problem" This the 1 thing you say that makes sense, but everybody already knows it. It's my primary problem with Runescape. I understand not everyone would like to do that, although it's why I play with an Ironman.


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