leadong: As part of the required forms

As part of the required forms

18 Сен 2019 в 12:00pm

Hong Kong-based U-Freight has become one of the first freight forwarders to acquire one of its logistics hubs certified by Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department (CAD) to be a Regulated Air Cargo Screening process Facility (RACSF).

The CAD introduced its RACSF scheme around October 2018 to assist in screening at off-airport web sites, in line with ICAO protection plan of imposing security bank checks on all airfreight shipments by way of June 2021. The off-airport locations will in addition ease pressure on airport cargo terminals.

Two issue, U-Freight installed an X-ray unit at its Golden Tolerate Industrial Centre in Hong Kong, giving staff experience while in the scanning process, as well as helping to spot prohibited/suspect products inside e-commerce parcels.

A second, enhanced X-ray machine ended up being installed in July 2019, which will scan consignments up in order to pallet size.

UFL’s main executive officer, Simon Wong, said off-airport screening would allow cargo for being screened at warehouses or similar premises before transport to the airport and loading onto aircraft.

He added: “We were very keen to capitalise on this subject opportunity, so it is great news that marilyn and i have become among the list of first freight forwarders and logistics companies to get been accredited by CAD. ”

This RACSF programme, which originated after trade consultation, tops equipment, training and watch of screening personnel plus site security, post-screening controlling and transportation of shipments.

Wong explained: “As part of the required forms, we wrote a comprehensive group of working procedures for how we'd operate as a RACSF, nominated two staff seeing that accountable screening personnel within our RACSF, and also enrolled our staff around the relevant X-ray screening courses. ”.




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