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    Tauren is the original race in Blizzard Entertainment's famous Warcraft series of computer games. They are tribal residents of the grasslands of the central continent. The kind Tauren is advocating peace. Like the orcs led by Thrall, Tauren is also struggling to maintain their noble traditions.
    Tauren is a huge and wild creature that lives on the open grasslands of central Kalimdor. They are committed to serving nature and maintaining a balance between the wild animals and the immortal elemental elves on the earth. Although Tauren is huge and has great power, these balanced creatures create a peaceful tribal society. But when the battle started, Tauren was an irreplaceable warrior, and they would fight hard until they knocked the enemy down under their hooves. Under the leadership of their older chief, Kane Bloodhoof, Tauren joined the orcs in the Burning Legion invasion, and after that, the two races became inseparable allies. Like the orcs, Tauren struggles to maintain his traditions and noble spirits. You can use WOW Classic Gold to exchange what you are missing in the game. With the help of Classic WOW Gold, you can improve your strength more quickly.

Ethnic history

When the ancient empire was still at its peak, there was still a bright cattle stalk in the grasslands of central Kalimdor, which is a bison. These burly creatures follow the teachings of Cenarius, the wise and demigod, and live the days of harmony with nature.
Different from other wilderness gods, Cenarius looks more like a human being. The stalwart body of his stalwart is covered with numerous flowers and vines, often alongside the buffalo's wandering team. It is he who teaches the mysteries of these creatures and is happy to watch them thrive.
In the end, the Buffalo was tired of the fact that the surrounding trolls were increasingly vying for the hunting ground, and then set out to find new land. Even if their beloved Cenarius urged them to stay for reconciliation, the Buffalo still turned around. They hunt and pick along the way, all the way to the border of the ancient empire.
At that time, the Emperor's tyrannical king, Qiong, discovered these wild bovines and poured out their unparalleled power. He ordered the flesh-and-blood sculpt to capture these refugees and transform them into stronger and brighter servants, and should ease their barbaric nature. The Bisons were later oppressed by the tyranny of Mogu for several generations, until the future, and with their other races, they overthrew their tyrannical masters.
However, even if the Bisons regained their freedom, what they lost could not be remedied. Thanks to the harsh demands of the ancients, Tauren was forbidden to talk about his inheritance, and they also lost the developed tradition of the story. A few Buffalo people can still piece together a half-god from the previous memories and myths, but the rest of the members are bent on abandoning all the traditions of the past and using force to create a new future. The differences between the two sides have become increasingly fierce, and sometimes even bloody splashes on the spot. Most of the Tauren were quite violent about the violence, and then set off to the north, determined to return to the safari life of the past and return to the spirit of the element. Now you can enjoy a discount of about 3% when you go to ZZWOW to buy gold coins. If you want to show your skills in the game, then this is a great opportunity for you.

Some of the more fascinating tribes walked straight through the entire continent until they reached the frozen earth around the stormy mountains. The remaining tribes chose the pleasant land of central Kalimdor to settle down and return to their ancient Beside the benefactor of Cenarius. Once they returned to the hunting grounds of these ancestors, they were able to regain the old traditions. Some people learned from the Cenarius to learn the Druid magic of nature, while the rest studied the art of the Shaman.


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