Karida: FIFA 18: half of the best players invest more money

FIFA 18: half of the best players invest more money

9 Дек 2017 в 08:12am

Blake Jorgensen, main financial officer regarding Electronic Arts, discusses the "FIFA 18" profitability and the supreme team model with regard to investors.

According to jorgensen,buy fifa 18 coins, about two-thirds involving FIFA18 players make use of the latest final group model. This design allows you to build your personal team that can contend online with other gamers. The ultimate team type is characterized by the capability of new players in order to earn real money or even buy the FUT.

Generally, every FUT gamer should have invested additional cash in the game. This will allow the actual "FIFA 18" to create a healthy relationship among players who are devoted to their progress and the ones who want to enjoy the video game without any additional investment decision.

Currently, EA as well as FUT stimulus offer emphasis, fut 18 coins,but to motivate new players in to the model, given the present about micropayments, in-game ui store and compensated hot discussion, this will not be so easy.



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