skeily: Should women afford private maintenance?

Should women afford private maintenance?

4 Сен 2019 в 10:40am

Some little fairies will immediately say that I have no gynecological diseases that I do not need when they hear it! But menstruation, ovulation, gynecological diseases, sex life ... whatever will be experienced, privacy is the latest development of women. Use the earliest organ with the highest frequency of use! It is also the fastest organ of aging! We have to pay attention to!

What is the market for private nature conservation?

The development of medical beauty is permissible. First, people paid attention to the five senses, such as eyes and nose. Then attention was paid to wrinkles and contours. Then people began to pay attention to the body. Then people began to pay attention to the problem of skin structure. It is easy to see that this development comes from within and from within. And the next one. From facial features to texture, the next step is the body's own health. The next step from face to the body is privacy.

What is private conservation?

Private maintenance is the most admired project in recent years. The instrument used is the Fractional CO2 Laser machine, which can put the vagina in a young and healthy condition. His appearance is not easy. It only reduces the vaginal opening. It stimulates the aging tissue by laser stimulation and becomes a normal and elastic young tissue, which greatly improves the aging problem of private parts! At the same time, it can prevent many pots. The occurrence of the underlying disease.


CO2 fractional laser machine

The Fractional CO2 resurfacing laser takes over the laser instrument imported from the USA. It is a high-performance holmium laser. Depending on the depth of the different heat energy, it can be subdivided into a high energy, thermal energy, soft, standard and other different grating modes that can be safe and efficient. The pain is applied to the internal and external comprehensive treatment, from the inside out, young as always.

Advantages of the CO2 point laser:

● Non-invasive and pain-free The activation of the new treatment process is short (about 15 minutes) and the satisfaction of beauty seekers after treatment is high.
● Strong and firm effect A variety of treatment modes sustained, internal and external comprehensive treatment, from the inside out, fast action, the effect of maintenance time is about 2-3 years.
● Scientific design Safe, healthy and sterile disinfects the treatment handle thoroughly to prevent cross-infection and complications.
Shrinking Yin and Yin The faster and deeper stimulation and regenerative combination with superficial hemostasis repair, simple and fast, with low risk, can recover after 1-3 days of surgery.


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