cathy lee: FIFA 18: Gamers claim EA Sports just made it much harder to score goals

FIFA 18: Gamers claim EA Sports just made it much harder to score goals

5 Дек 2017 в 04:20am

FIFA 18 fans are suddenly finding it much Fifa 18 Comfort Trade coins harder to score goals - and are blaming EA Sports.

Gamers are reporting that shot accuracy has dramatically decreased and attempts on goal are now more frequently blocked.

The complaints come following a new FIFA 18 patch, which makes a number of changes to the gameplay as EA battles through a long list of issues.

It’s the fourth plot - or update - to arrive on the game, and addresses smaller gameplay issues and random bugs.

The shooting issue, which may or may not be linked to the patch, has caused such a stir that gamers tend to be flocking to Reddit to voice their concerns.

One gamer wrote: “What the hell have they done to this game… I was consistently beating legendary upon SB 5-0, 6-1 etc .

“Now I can barely scrape a win. Almost every shot I take I miss, then look at the replay and the ball doesn’t remotely go where I aim. My players miss sitters. ”

Another said: “Today I have double tap b shot multiple times and it just skies this when i use no power at all. makes no sense. ”

Earlier this month, thousands of angry FIFA 18 gamers backed the petition calling on EA Sports to ‘fix’ the game.

The change. org petition offers amassed more buy fut 18 coins than 39, 000 signatures as the FIFA Redditcommunity pile pressure on the under-fire developer.

It comes since the #FIXFIFA movement continues to gather momentum, which calls on APP to make a number of substantial changes to the game.


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