cathy lee: Types to Watch ratings are updated immediately

Types to Watch ratings are updated immediately

30 Ноя 2017 в 04:56am

Here's everything we know about Ones to Fifa 18 Comfort Trade coins  Watch cards in FIFA 18:

Ones to Watch are only in packs for a limited time - From launch day on September 29th to October 9th. From then on, they'll only be available on the transfer market, meaning that they function, primarily, as an investment card for fantasy-football style bets on the market.

Ones to Watch increase according to the latest in-form version of the card - So , if Neymar increases from 92 to 94, then he gets a 94-rated card. If he's even better in a later Team of the Week and gets an 95, then his Ones to Watch card will rise to ninety five too.

Ones to view can't decrease in rating - Once they increase, that's the minimum ranking the card will have for the rest of the season. It only changes if there's another, higher-rated in-form cards released down the line. Even better!

Ones to Watch are available in any FUT player pack - That means any free packs, purchased packs, or gifts could have a Ones to Watch gamer inside, so long as the pack features some participant cards itself.

As soon as the new Group of the Week or even buy fut 18 coins other in-form credit card is available, the Ones to look at card will increase.

Kinds to Watch replace their standard versions during the release period : Whilst they're available in packs, Ones to observe will replace any standard versions from the card. So you can't pack a Romelu Lukaku that isn't a One to Watch card in that first week.


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