march: FIFA 18: The managers of the three recently promoted Premier Group teams have been added to the game

FIFA 18: The managers of the three recently promoted Premier Group teams have been added to the game

8 Ноя 2017 в 04:36am

One of the nicest additions to FIFA 18 was the new cut scenes for career mode throughout player and contract negotiations.

Now, when approaching or being approached by a golf club, you will meet with their own manager - with the most high profile managers having their faces scanned into the game.

Right now newly promoted groups Brighton & Hove Albion, Newcastle United and Huddersfield have had their managers added to the game.

Rafael Benitez, Chris Hughton as well as David Wagner have the ability to had their faces scanned into FIFA for the first time ever.

Every manager in the Premier League has their own face in the game, apart from newly appointed David Unsworth at Everton, Claude Puel in Leicester City as well as David Moyes in West Ham. However , one newish office manager who is in the game is Crystal Palace's Roy Hodgson.

Other high profile managers in the game cheap fifa 18 coins consist of Zinedine Zidane, Unai Emery and Carlo Ancelotti.

Rafael Benitez

The Newcastle United manager looks excellent in the game, his hairstyle, facial hair and even body shape are all spot on.

Another nice touch through EA Sports may be the tie he is sporting is in Newcasle's colors, black and white.

Chris Hughton

The Brighton and Hove Albion office manager hasn't had as kind a check. It does look a reasonable bit but he suffers from the lifeless eyes that have plagued the FIFA collection for years.

His emotions don't look organic and as a result it results in a rather creepy impact because of 'uncanny valley'.

David Wagner

The Huddersfield manager additionally hasn't had a very good scan in FIFA 18. While his face is reasonably practical, his hair cut is totally wrong. He generally has his tresses gelled but which is usually hidden below a baseball cover.

EA also should have not been able in order to buy fut 18 coins scan in his eyeglasses, removing yet another important bit of detail.


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