cathy lee: This year’s tactical revamp will completely change the way you interact with your team

This year’s tactical revamp will completely change the way you interact with your team

19 Окт 2017 в 05:29am

We’re getting very excited for Football Manager 2018, Fifa 18 Comfort Trade coins which drops into our lives on November 10.

Sports Interactive - the game’s developer - have tweaked and changed plenty to this year’s edition, with improvements made to scouting, stadium design and the game engine, while new features such as Team Dynamics are set to make the game even more realistic.

To gear us up for November 10, SI have been releasing ‘FMTV’ stylised videos documenting the changes to the game.

We’ve already seen Dynamics and the new Scouting System, so now it’s time to check out the changes to tactics.

#FM18 has undergone a Tactical Revamp. Don't miss Inside FM18 #3 for what's new, what's changed and much more.

- Soccer Manager (@FootballManager) October 12, 2017Football Office manager 2018: Tactical Revamp

One of the most prominent features of this year’s game is the changes to the actual the tactical interface.

The tactics screen is now split into two, with ‘tactics’ as well as ‘players’ separate to allow you to see both sides at once and reduce any of the old clutter.

There’s also plenty to sink your teeth into in the the pre-match briefing.

Essentially, you can now tell your squad what you’re looking for in the game ahead, while each member of the team can provide you with feedback on their given instructions.

Analysis also plays a bigger role in this year’s game.

There’s now a dedicated analysis section added to the particular tactics panel, which shows trends from recent matches and also clearly specifies both positive and negative aspects of previous performances.

The player and team instructions have changed too, cheap fut 18 coins with brand new options allowing for greater variety.

There’s much more options in the set piece creator, allowing more details when preparing for free kicks and corners.

Excited for the fresh game?


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